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This must have been a first, but I was recently sent some fresh, locally made baos recently by a Singaporean startup called which I really enjoyed and would like to recommend to all of you dear readers! Thanks for sticking around with me - we've successfully made it to Phase 2! Anyway, I have always been a fan of the Chinese-style baos, be it for dim sum or for breakfast grabbed on the way to work. The latter though, is usually more to of a 'eat to live' variety and nothing to shout about. Hence I was intrigued when I was contacted about this and agreed to receive them, not expecting a big box to arrive with 19 baos! I immediately steamed some to try (instructions provided) and paired it with a cup of coffee.

The buns were super cute looking! A bit like boobs (.) (.) hahaha.

The baos came in packs like these which you are supposed to keep frozen if you do not intend to eat immediately. There's also no need to thaw them first after taking it out from freezer. Straight to the steamer it goes, or you can even deep fry it!

Instructions were really clear and easy to follow. 

So which is my favourite? It was a tough choice - they were all pretty good. First, I tried the smaller lotus paste bao (lian rong bao) which had fine, sweet paste enclosed in the soft fluffy bun casing. HOWEVER! I did find the filling to be 20% too sweet for my liking and would prefer it less so. It's $8.90 for 9 pieces, which works out to be about $1 each. Good deal though.

Then, the most expensive of the lot at about $2 each - the salted egg yolk bao! It's $$11.90 for 6, but look at the amount of golden egg yolk inside. Definitely worth it for the ooze factor! I enjoyed this very much but would again prefer it to be slightly less runny so it doesn't drip all over. It is definitely comparable to most dim sum places' dripping sand baos, haha.

Last was the red bean bao (S$10.90 for 6), which is flatter than the other 2. This was my favourite among the trio. The red bean was just nice - not too sweet - and was fragrant and just about the right consistency, paired excellently with the flatter bao exterior that acts as a foil. 

Well? Verdict? It's good! Soft, fluffy and generous with its fillings - there's nothing to not like about these baos from and it is always good to support small fledging local businesses instead of commercial brands making them in bulk. To order you can WhatsApp them at 83143854. If you are a fan of baos, definitely try them - especially the red bean!

#SupportLocal #savefnbsg 
Thanks Jessica for sending them to me!

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