Takeaway review: 8Crabs fresh Sri Lankan crabs delivery in Singapore

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done a food delivery review so here's one from 8crabs.com who offered to send some fresh Sri Lankan live crabs cooked and delivered to my place. While I am normally not a huge fan of crabs, esp in hot zichar places - what they are selling seems too good to be true (airflown live catch Sri Lankan crabs cooked by experienced chefs) - so I wanted to test it out for myself. I also realised 8crabs is 100% delivery only (and sells fresh crabs wholesale too) when my mum asked where is their restaurant and I couldn't say except.. err, online. HAha. 

Regardless, S$120 was good enough for 2 large 750g crabs (S$68 each) and I topped up for some mantous, and got my folks to whip up my favourite broccoli as the vegetable side. What happened as the food came (5.45pm, earlier than the 6-7pm timeslot!) was everyone couldn't wait for dinner time to start digging in.. because it smelled so good and it was still warm!

Here's the "8 crabs" salted egg crab. It is their number one bestseller, and all 5 of us in the house agreed that this was the better crab compared to the Chilli Crab. The salted egg sauce was just the right consistency - not too dry and had the fragrance of the chilli leaves with the crab sweetness infused inside. It was so good, we saved the leftover sauce and had it with beehoon the next day. 

The other Chilli Crab wasn't too shabby as well! The sauce was not too spicy - more hints of a sweet tomato base - but there's a mild kick. Again I think the consistency was just right and perfect as a dip for the fried mantous (S$6 for 9).

It was so good we polished off the 2 crabs rather quickly. And the overall thing about these crabs is, while they are slightly pricier at $88/kg (free delivery w/ $120 order; $8 delivery otherwise and $18 for 1-hour express), they are SUPER FRESH. Undeniably so. Even my dad who has eaten more crabs than I have, for sure, agrees. So you are paying for the guaranteed freshness and direct source from Sri Lanka instead of those who are hanging out half alive at our sea ports. 

So what's the conclusion? I'll say definitely give 8crabs.com a try if you have a crab craving and willing to splurge a little on good quality, delicious tasting and fresh Sri Lankan crabs and zichar dishes. However, try to avoid peak timings like weekend dinners to avoid disappointment. They are 100% delivery-only so you can have it on a Monday night at 6pm. 

Thank you 8Crabs.com for this and levelling up the crab game in Singapore!

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