Mooncake spotlight: Chng Kae MSW Durian Mooncakes w 20% off!

There's a new durian mooncake player in town, and it's the banker! Named Chng Kae, which means banker in Hokkien dialect, they have launched this year with premium 100% Qing Hua Mao Shan Wang  durian puree snowskin mooncakes. For now there's free delivery promo for 3 boxes and above if you are looking to gift something classy and premium. But wait, at S$98 a box (S$78.40 with promo code NOC20 or on Shopee), are they any good? The answer is YES because if you compare durian mooncakes on the market today, they are actually priced at market rate.

I was sent a box of them to try quite sometime back. Initially we did not realise to keep them in the freezer and they were in the chilled section 😅 but soon rectified it. 

The blue and white of the snowskin were meant to resemble the blue and white ceramics/earthenware from the Tang Dynasty, a mark of luxury. Very creative!

Cutting into it wasn't a problem after 20 minutes of thawing. Since it is quite rich, this is best shared, and my family of course got to enjoy some as well. My folks are super durian lovers so this was right up their alley.

The mooncake filling was bursting with the creamy, intense and rich flavours of Mao Shan Wang durian. The skin was plain but I appreciated its slight mochi-ness. I'd imagine you're paying for the amount of durian flesh that went in because it is really quite packed - and made more enjoyable in a frozen state like an ice cream. For those looking to gift durian fans, or just to treat yourself to something this Mid-Autumn Festival, check out and be sure to get the 20% off with promo code NOC20. 

Thanks Chng Kae for sending these for me to try! Huat ah.

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