Product Review: Ergotune Supreme to level up WFH in Singapore

So a local office chair company, Ergotune, reached out to me a month ago and asked if I would be interested to try out their ergonomically designed office chair, their new Ergotune Supreme. I suspected the WFH gods must be listening to my silent cry for help because my neck/back was not doing so well after sitting on an old armrest-free rolling chair for long hours, especially since I could be at my desk from as long as 9am to 6pm, with only a lunch break and couple of tea breaks in between during my online training. I've been testing the chair for 2 weeks now and you can watch my vlog (embedded below) or read on to find out my thoughts about the ErgoTune Ergonomic Office Chair!

First up, the details. This Ergotune Supreme office chair comes in 2 colours and normally retails for S$850 but for the launch month of October it is going for S$599 (free delivery) with a further $30 discount if you use my code ALEXIS30. A lucky person will also stand a chance to win a 100% cashback in their lucky draw also until end of October. Assembly can be done by them for S$19 or you could DIY in 20 mins - and I heard it is super easy (if you can IKEA you can chair). The chair also comes with an 8 years + 4 years (if you post a pic of the chair) warranty. 

This was the instruction sheet plus assembly tools pack I received, plus further details in the PR kit. Which essentially contained even more details on the different seating positions and adjustments you can make to the chair to suit your needs. Now you might be wondering.. how would a S$569 chair feel and perform and if it is worth it?

Well my answer is a resounding yes - if you are planning to sit long hours at a desk at home and have some spare cash lying around - this is a good investment. Just the other day I saw a super normal chair at IKEA retailing at S$249 - and it was out of stock. Even though you could get 2 IKEA chairs for the price of this one Ergotune Supreme, this definitely has way more features and a better build. I'd say it will even last forever, judging by how solid it is with the DuraWeave™ Hybrid Mesh Upholstery material that will not peel, crack or sag. I really liked the ventilation it gave - which is important when I try not to turn on the aircon in the day.

What I really enjoyed most about the chair is the Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support (ATLAS™) for my lower back as well because I can lean back comfortably and yet be supported there w/o having to prop up with a cushion (or not lean back at all). I suppose this really is the most ergonomic feature of all. Other adjustments include the recline (lock available), height, depth, armrests and headrest (height, angle). Whatever can be adjusted, can be done. The armrest can even be turned inward (in front of my stomach) so I can rest my arms on it for typing! 

Anyway, I feel very blessed that I got to try and keep the chair because I feel so much more comfortable working from home now, even though the government has recently announced that 50% of our workforce can return to offices. I hope I can WFH most days in fact - I feel more productive with all that extra time saved from the commute - and able to focus better by controlling the elements around me (air con temperature! food/water/air!).

Here's my vlog review for those who did not bother reading :P

Thanks Ergotune for sending me the chair again, and for those who are thinking to buy the Ergotune Supreme, remember to use my code ALEXIS30 for a SGD30 off till 31 October 2020! Head to now to shop.

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