Restaurant Week Lunch Review: Solo Ristorante at 45 Amoy St, Singapore 069871

Had my first Restaurant Week meal for a birthday lunch on Friday at Solo Ristorante, an Italian restaurant that's been around at the hip CBD area for a couple of years, but it has a new chef/partner since March 2020 and featured a refreshed menu. I saw it on a few of my foodie friends' Instagrams, and me being an Italian food lover - could not resist checking it out. The place was bustlin' - dare I say full? - on a Friday weekday lunch, but Chef Simone Fratenali here still managed to give me a double peace sign as I walked past! 😅

There are two sitting areas, the other being more casual. However, the downside of an open kitchen is we all ended up smelling a little like what was being cooked, so mind that point if you need to meet anyone F2F after lunch/dinner. But I found walking under the sweltering hot sun to be a good way to get rid of the smell after.

Here's the Restaurant Week menu for lunch. I figured dinner was too heavy at 4 courses so opted for lunch instead. Do note to go to this link instead of the Dining City one to get reservations!

For starters, I opted for the Crema di zucca while my friend chose the Foie Gras (add $12). The butternut soup was light instead of overly creamy with a tinge of herb flavour (from the oil). Perfect for autumn! 

Then I had the pasta dish (of course). It's the handmade Strozzapreti from the Emilia Romagna region which according to Chef, translates to "strangled priest", along with sausages and mushrooms. I had thought it to be a carbonara-based dish but turned out to be tomato-based, which was great. The pasta was the perfect bouncy, chewy texture that went well with the bits of minced sausage. My only complaint was this is not a big enough portion!

My friends had the Barramundi instead which having tried it, I was not a fan of. It was too fishy. The quinoa had good reviews though! I'd stick to the pasta dishes if I go back.

For dessert, there was Tiramisu (which my friend got and was pretty decent) or the Limone Tart which me and another friend got. I was pleasantly surprised by the tart and how it was the right balance of sweet and sour. Apparently Amalfi lemons were used? Ah, Amalfi. Brings me back to my travels to Capri and the coast! 

That's my quick review of Solo Ristorante, but it won't be my ONLY trip, so... not solo! I'll be back to taste the regular menu soon hopefully and can give a more comprehensive review. 

Solo Ristorante
45 Amoy Street Singapore 069871
+65 6260 0762
Tuesdays to Saturdays lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Tuesday to Sundays dinner: 6.30pm to 10pm (10.30pm for Fri/Sat)
(Closed on Sundays for lunch and closed all day on Mondays)

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