Brunch Hangout: East Coast Commune cafe at 100 Marine Cove, Singapore

So it's been a while since I've gone to a new cafe now that life is somewhat in limbo between WFH (heartlands exploration) and office (CBD eats). Which is why I wanted to check out this somewhat out of the way new cafe (for me, at least) in the chillax East. Called East Coast Commune, it has really aesthetic vibes and the feel of a big house, being situated at Marine Cove next to East Coast Park. So it's only natural to be a hangout for families if McDonald's next door is too mainstream. 

So hip it hurts. That was the thought that came to mind walking in. But overall, the decor is quite inspiring I suppose for new home / BTO owners. I liked the tall ceiling, rattan chairs and the straggly plants. 

There's even a fabric wall art at a corner! Props to the cafe for creating these cosy corners. It wasn't that noisy inside as well despite the lack of sound-absorbent materials, unless kids were running around screaming. Well-ventilated too.

The bar is also a blend of Asian x retro vibes. You've got to place your order after scanning the e-menu, at the counter. 

Here's the e-menu that I combined together in case you don't want to visit the link (I lost it). But I excluded their range of craft beers and organic natural wine! So they are a lightweight, breakfast-y sort of cafe that has last orders at 5.30pm and closes quite strictly at 6pm. 

Had a latte (S$5) which was decent, quite light and pleasant like the decor.

We also shared one of their more unique Berries Ricotta (S$14) sourdough waffle, which has a hint of sourness to the dough since it's made of sourdough! Similar to the one at Tiong Bahru Bakery in Funan. TBH, other than the well-executed waffle, the dish was pretty average. I suspect that to be the case for most of the food here, but their mains or fried chicken waffle might surprise!

We left after being hinted at severe times by the staff clearing our cups and plates and reminders that they are closing, to catch a sunset and imagine ourselves at another foreign beach like Bali's.

Rating: Don't go, can go, must go
Overall a nice cafe to chill and have a cuppa, but go in the mornings if you can to catch the day and order more breakfast items! Let me know if you've tried the savoury food and would recommend it. I probably won't be back again unless fate brings me simply due to the distance, but am glad to have checked it out.

East Coast Commune
Marine Cove, 1000 ECP, #01-03, Singapore 449876
Wednesdays to Mondays 9am to 6pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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