Snack Review: Seriously Bakes cookies and cinnamon rolls

I'm super heartened anytime a home-based business in Singapore wants to send me stuff, because I know how much work/effort it takes to create and sell something handmade, from the heart. So I was very appreciative when Seriously Bakes, a newish American-style baked goods HBB DM-ed me on IG and asked to send me some of their 'slams. They arrived one fine Friday, dressed in festive packaging.

Having tried all of them - I must say - they are seriously good.

I'd say if you have an immense craving for a good soft cookie or cinnamon roll, they are the (online) place to go. I got two packs of the smol cookies - the Tiny Tallahassee chocolate chip ones ($S5 for 100g, S$8 for 175g), and the San Antonio (smoky, spicy choco chip) ones (pictured below). They go for S$6 for 100g, and S$10 for 175g They are the perfect bite-sized cookies to pop in your mouth when you're Netflixing! A close reference to their taste would be Famous Amos - but these are crunchier, and slightly richer. Plus you know they are made in small batches!

Then there's the big daddy cookies. Here they are, it's 3 for S$10, which is quite a steal because they are very substantial! The bigger cookies are soft and melty. I enjoyed the NYC and Pennsylvania more than Beverly Hills, only because that one is a tad on the sweet side w/o the nuts to cut through, or the salty pretzel.

As for their Cinnamon Rolls, its one of those items I would crave for occasionally and I was eyeing them on their Instagram. I was pleasantly surprised they came 'dressed' as well with the reindeer, so cute haha. They are packed into a box of 4, and the Da O.G. original glaze's for $16 while the Da Porkster has plain glaze and smoky maple bacon (!) and the Da Triplet comes with salted caramel glaze and pecans. Both are S$18 for 4, and there's a 4th matcha glaze version. They were indulgently sinful straight from the box - it had soft chewy dough with generous layers of cinnamon glaze inside and around. And I didn't think they were too sweet, if you take a good cross-section of the roll!

Also pro-tip: we kept these in the fridge (chiller) since it was not possible to finish everything at once - and I discovered that microwaving half of it with a small cup of water under defrost mode for like 20 seconds will create the perfect warm, chewy and not burnt cinnaroll! My toaster melted the icing and made it hard and crusty. So do the microwave!

Thanks Matthew from Seriously Bakes for sending these over for me and my family to enjoy. If you are interested to get some for Christmas or just a good ol' snack this month, head up to their Google order form and follow their Instagram!

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