Vegan Food Review: Love Handle Burgers at 8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069788

Some of you might know that I am a flexitarian. That means plant-based diet as much as possible, but I can eat meat if I want to. The reason for me to do it is to buy less cheap meats where the animal's raised, slaughtered and transported to our Western food stalls and fast food places with as low a price possible, meaning that somewhere someone or something is squeezed for it. Hence my interest in vegan or vegetarian burgers, which is where Love Handle Burgers comes in! This 2020-established joint (they were brave to set up during Circuit Breaker) at the start of Ann Siang Road is modelled after the American diner and have a very simple menu of vegan fast food burgers by replacing the patty with the plant-based Impossible Meat and using vegan cheese (not dairy).

Here's their first floor area, where you will order and pay at the counter. 

There are a couple of alfresco seats just outside the door as well. 

Here's the second floor where you can sit comfortably amidst the neon glow. There's no perceptible greasy smell which is great.

Here's the menu, which I took from their very nicely designed website. Prices are very reasonable considering the retail prices for Impossible meat.

They have some sides as well. Amazingly everything contains no dairy, fish or eggs!

While their Golden Fries (S$6) were standard, nothing special 3/5, the Cheeseburger (S$12) I got was fantastic. Just a classic, American-style cheeseburger with all the flavours you would want from one. The combination of caramelised onions and tangy pickles were perfect with the juicy, beefy patty in between a couple of fluffy brioche buns. 4/5

We also had a couple of drinks - including alcoholic cocktails and they were going to expand on that as well. In any case - I loved trying Love Handle Burgers and hope to be back for more!

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Love Handle Burgers
8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069788
11am to 10pm or 10.30pm (Thurs, Fridays, Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays
Order online (Oddle, Deliveroo or GrabFood) or visit in person (+65 82330113 contact)

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