Best Thai Restaurant 2021: Dee Tongue Thai at #02-33 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

I found a Thai restaurant in Singapore that surpassed my previous favourite which coincidentally is in the same building just directly downstairs (Beer Thai) at Golden Mile Complex, or Little Thailand. It's called Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama, and I'm happy to say that this place serves one of the most authentic Thai food in Singapore. It is with slight trepidation that I am sharing this place for fear that it will become too popular - but I hope they will continue to do well as well, having been established since the 80s here. (How is it that I only found out about them in 2021??)

For example, every Thai restaurant does tom yum soup (S$12/15), but I found this place to do it exceptionally well. It packs heat like a mafia boss packs guns, and the ingredients were also very fresh. 

The place is located at a pretty quiet corner upstairs of Golden Mile Complex (not the one with the cinema), the one with the Thai grocery store. It is quite spacious though with 2 shops under its name. However this also meant that there is a bit of a wait for them to serve out the dishes - the only gripe I have with the place, is that.

They have a physical menu, but there's also an online menu to go through. Prices are very fair for what they are serving. 

In fact, they have this $10 crab omelette rice thing which I felt like I need to go try.

On the dishes - we ordered quite a fair bit between the 5 of us. There's the Red Curry Paste.. chicken, I think (S$12) which the waitress warned is not like a typical gravy-filled curry but drier. It was nicely spiced - but it didn't really wow me with any particular taste. 3/5 
We also got a Grilled Pork with Homemade Sauce (S$12) which I thought might taste porky, but it didn't. With the taste, it was simply aroy-mak! 4/5 

The Garlic and pepper chicken (S$12) in the fried section was pretty good too. Everything was crispy and not overpowering but you can tell it's been transformed to their best state. 4/5 (this goes v. well with Singha/Chang beer!)

Then there's a Thai Papaya Salad (S$6) which I asked to be less spicy, and this was just right for our tastebuds. Very addictive and perfectly balanced. 4.5/5

Another salad cos we were hooked. The spicy squid salad (S$12) was pleasant too but I'm not a fan of raw onions so I stayed away from this a little. 

A surprise hit was their stir-fried kang kong (S$8) because the water spinach here's pretty raw, but because it's so fresh we didn't mind the slightly tougher bite. And it's not slathered with sambal chilli, which a lot of places do, to cover everything up. 4/5

And of course with every Asian gathering we'll need to have carbs so other than the white rice we shared, there's also some stir-fried vermicelli with prawns (S$7/12/18) and a friend ordered a vegetarian fried rice for himself too. This was also superb by the way. I'm so hungry just writing about this! 4/5

Here we are, happy foodies with good food in our bellies!

Dee Tongue Thai is such a great find, I'm pretty sure I'll be back repeatedly. I can't even call out the must-orders because almost every dish was good. Just be a bit wary about the wait times during peak hours, but during weekdays they should be ok! Get the tom yum soup, if not anything else!

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Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama
#02-33 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
Daily 11am-3pm, 4pm-10pm

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