Food Review: Lombardo's Durian and Blue Cheese burgers at 15 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089481

Durian is divisive. You either love it or hate it. And when you eat it, you have to divide it up 😂 For me, I am in the love-it camp, having grown up eating the King of Fruits. So I was intrigued when I received the invite to try out Lombardo Burger Singapore's limited time only Durian Burger (S$28) till 28th Feb 2021. I've been to Lombardo's before when they just opened and had the world's most expensive burger. I had a classic cheeseburger then and remember liking it a lot. Anyway here's the burger! There's D24 durian puree together with their special homemade burger sauce, all of which is slathered on top of 180g of USDA Black Angus beef patty with red cabbage compote, lettuce, tomatoes and mini pickles underneath. And the toasted buns were the perfect complement. 

I did a vlog about the tasting which you can watch here!

It was so good. Here's the cross-section. We also had a side of fries with truffle mayo dip, plus a yummy kombucha each.

Next I also tried their Moo's and Blues (S$28) Blue Cheese burger which had melted Stilton blue cheese sauce on avocado slices and the same great beef patty. This was superb - I think I'm going to have cravings for it after trying! If you are a fan of blue cheese then this is the burger for you.  5/5

Here's the menu of their signature and classic burgers, as well as meat-free alternatives! They also have sides like the crab croquettes (S$13) - not pictured. It was super good though. There's 5 huge battered balls of crabmeat and potato and they tasted really substantial and generous. Definitely good for big eaters. 4.5/5

Lombardo's might have burgers on the slightly pricier side, but you are paying for quality meat and ingredients in a central part of town! This burger joint from the Netherland's has also kept themselves innovative by experimenting with new flavours which is very commendable. If you are a durian fan, you need to go try their limited time only Durian burger before 28th! Otherwise check out their other burgers too because you won't be disappointed.

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Lombardo Burger Singapore
15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481
11.30am to 10.30pm Tues-Sun
Closed on Mondays
Reservations Chope or call +65 69709470

Thanks Evelyn and Lombardo's for the invite!

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