Greek Restaurant Review: Blu Kouzina at 10 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 247700

There aren't many Greek restaurants in Singapore, which is unfortunate, because after my trip to Athens/Santorini I fell in love with their cuisine. Therefore I was determined to try out all the major Greek restaurants in Singapore - there's Fotia (they moved from Club St to Duxton Hill), Bakalaki at Tiong Bahru (yes I've tried them and they were not bad but insanely pricey) and of course, Blu Kouzina as well. An institution amongst the Dempsey enclave, I can't believe it took me so much time to get there!  

The restaurant definitely has the most charm among the 3 I've gone to, with a little grocery and wine corner selling produce and alcohol imported from Greece. I even saw the wine from a vineyard I've gone to in Santorini (yes, it's an small island without much fresh water so they had to bring it in from the mainland just to make wine).

Now on to the food! We scanned the QR code for their digital menu - it being Covid times and all. For starters we tried the Fried Artichokes (S$14.80). They were nicely fried and crispy while bringing across the unique artichoke flavour within the soft interior. 4/5

We also had the Taramasalata dip (S$16.8) which is made with white cod roe, lemon, capers, EVOO. I got addicted to this salty umami white cod roe dip since I went to Greece and it is best paired with warm grilled pita, which we got some of. There's 4 pieces for every $3.90 portion which is not bad! 4/5

Then there's the Xtapodi, or grilled octopus (S$39.8). For some reason I feel like octopus is a very Greek ingredient. But I am not going to eat anymore octopus after watching the Netflix docu on My Octopus Teacher. This was quite substantial (as is the price) but not too tough or rubbery. The octopus instead gives way while maintaining its structure when you bite down on it. 3.5/5

We also got the Effie's vegetarian moussaka (S$29.80) which comes in this baked dish and was filled with tomato, chickpeas, lentils, eggplant, potato & bechamel. Pretty decent as well - it's one of their recommended dishes, though I wouldn't say it blew my mind. 3 of us felt pretty full after having this to chase the main seafood dish. 3.5/5

The desserts were probably the weakest. We had the Rizogalo (S$12.8) which is Greek rice pudding with cinnamon & zests because I love the French rice pudding. But this was just sweet rice pudding cooked in some milk/cream. It wasn't rich or thick enough, nor that fragrant despite seeing some vanilla bean granules inside. 3/5

Because of that we wanted another more representative dessert from the region so the waiter recommended the Greek Kanafeh (S$15.8) made with kadaifi & kesari cheese, as we didn't want any of the filo pastry ones. This was interesting - but a plate of warm melty cheese with some crispy textures and pistachio bits on top was about as far as I could go to describe it. Still nothing particularly exciting or unique to me. 3/5

Judging by the number of diners there I'd say they have managed to keep up with expectations and wallets to continue to attract the crowd despite the pandemic! The food's classic, well executed and had soul, so I'd say it is a good option together with Fotia. 

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Blu Kouzina
10 Dempsey Road, Singapore 247700
Tuesdays, Wednesdays 12-3pm, 5-10pm
Fridays to Sundays 12pm to various timings
Closed on Mondays

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