Cafe Review: The Brewing Ground at 406 Joo Chiat Pl, #01-24 The Yards, Singapore 428084

Checked out a hip cafe called The Brewing Ground in Katong / Joo Chiat area recently and I must say... it was too hip for me. The place is located inside The Yards, some sort of building complex housing art and language schools and the likes. There's an alfresco area where pets are welcome, and a small air conditioned space inside. Perhaps its cause we sat outside where it was really quite warm on a midday. Or maybe because there's really a lot of people. But I wasn't that impressed with the cafe overall (also because of the prices). 

Here's the menu. Eggs benjamin for S$21. Wow. Is this what being in Katong means? That you can pay over $20 for a brunch item?

Coffee's more reasonably priced here but if you look at the Refreshers it's $8.50. People might pay for it because its so bloody warm outside. My friend had the Lemongrass and Mint Cooler which he said was pretty good, but I can't get past the price.

For food - I had the Cod Fish & Chips (S$22) which really was just fries, fish and mesclun salad. Tasted very normal. The batter was actually kind of tasteless. The redeeming factor's the fish which was not fishy or overfried. Otherwise... meH. 2.5/5

The Crabmeat Tagliatelle (S$26) my friend had came with a generous serving of crabmeat (which I believe was the tinned type). Again not very impressed because its not like you need much skill to make this. 2.5/5

Lastly, we also tried the Eggs Benjamin (S$21) with thick-cut maple bacon. Sigh. I wish there's more to it than it looks in the pic. Because it tasted exactly how it looked and that's not really anything to rave about. Granted, a very tasty dish due to the salty bacon and the 63 deg eggs with beurre blanc, but that's c'รฉst tout! 3/5

The Brewing Ground looked quite promising with its location and name, but unfortunately I wasn't impressed by the food nor the coffee. If you are in the area and super sick of ALL other cafes, maybe give this a try but I won't be rushing down for a repeat visit anytime soon.

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The Brewing Ground
406 Joo Chiat Place, #01-24, The Yards Singapore 428084
Daily 8.30am to 5pm
Reservations on their website

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