The Purest Co. Birds' Nest Review: Great gift for Mother's Day

So I was contacted by The Purest Co. on Instagram recently and just when I thought, not another dodgy bird's nest company (I tend to view those mass market ones as dubious and likely unethical, which is why I would reject them usually), they mentioned that their products are ethically sourced and fully transparent in the process. That's how I decided to give it a try, to support a local Singaporean brand and to support better practices within the industry. I was pleasantly surprised to receive this sturdy box set of 4 of their signatures (S$209) with 2 flavoured bird's nest and 2 snow hashima bottles. They have other flavours and also without flavouring which you can see on their website

As we could see, the bottles are STUFFED with 9 grammes of pure authentic bird's nest in each bottle, which is an industry best. That means more bang for your buck and no rubbish fillers like gelatine and such. I like that the nests are collected after the younglings have left the nests, and then thoroughly cleaned by hand instead of with bleach and glue and then cooked in small batches. There's also lots of scientifically proven health benefits to bird's nest. In Asia we believe it will help with our skin and also to boost immunity and recovery.

I could tell it's good production quality when I popped open a bottle and tried it for myself. I also did a live taste test on video. Overall, the first thing that hits me was how clean tasting it was, and secondly it wasn't too sweet. The bird's nest was soft and not gelatinous or hard, but requires a bit of a chew. It was recommended a tablespoon every morning, and then it goes in the fridge and a bottle will last a week. So that's what I'll be doing!

I haven't tried the rest, but I'm pretty sure they will be similar to the one I've tried except with different flavours. Overall I feel good about The Purest Co. and would definitely recommend people looking to get authentic, ethical and healthy bird's nest to check them out and also to buy it as a gift for their mum. FYI  just till today 25 April 23:59 you will get $20 off if you buy 2 sets, for their Mother's Day promo so click here if you're interested.

Thanks to The Purest Co. for sending over the bird's nest and snow hashima! Me and my mum will be enjoying them with peace of mind :)

Here's the video taste test if you're interested to see.

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