French Wine Review: Moulin de Gassac and Pont du Gassac wines in Singapore

For those who might not reside in Singapore, FYI we've been placed in sort of a Circuit Breaker Lite called the Phase 2 Heightened Alert since 16 May until June 13, to curb the spread of the more infectious COVID strains. The biggest impact to me was the no dining in rule, which basically spelled the end of my social life for the next one month, and will also be the reason why all the blog posts I have lined up reviewing restaurants have to be on hold. HOWEVER, now's a good time to try out food delivery or takeaway from places you might not have had the chance and also to support local fnb. And now is also the perfect time for wine consumption at home, which is why I thought these wines sent to me by the winemaker of Mas de Daumas Gassac in France would come in handy!

To clarify, the wines are from France but the co-owner of the wine estate, Basile Guilbert, is in Singapore for the moment, which is lucky for us. That's also why some of their wines are easily available on and The Vintage Club for delivery to consumers, other than being in top French restaurants here. These are also wallet-friendly, easy table drinking wines retailing at S$29.80 for the rosé and white, whereas the red's at S$39.80. A couple of the Mas de Daumas Gassac wines are also on The Vintage Club for over $120+ but those are more serious. I was perfectly happy to try the more accessible Moulin de Gassac and Pont de Gassac brands!

First up, the Pont de Gassac red of 2018 vintage. It's made using a variety of grapes - cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah and a classic red wine. I brought it to a friend's and she made steak cubes with peppercorn as a dinner appetiser, and we also ordered Wolf Burgers. Upon my first sip after uncorking - it was shy, light and quite smooth. However, after 30 minutes it began to warm up and the flavours deepened into one that's quite intense with a more tannic aftertaste. "Tight and hot" was how someone described it on Vivino and I have to agree. To me this is an easy dependable French red wine to accompany any steak or red meat dinner. Get it on here.

Next up, the Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Rosé and Sauvignon. I brought them to another friend's house to go with the seafood feast that I ordered from The Boiler. It's typical cajun style seafood bag, along with some clam stew and fish and chips. They were the perfect accompaniment to our meal. It was such a pleasant surprise but they hit it off with each other right off the bat. Both were refreshing and light, with acidity to help cut through the spice. 

If I have to nitpick, I'd say the Moulin de Gassac Sauvignon was quite normal. It was an easy peasy lemon squeezy type of table white wine, more of a foil to the food than an actual component. I liked it as the start to our meal, easing us into conversation but as the night wore on, I wanted something more. No fault of this white - in fact, its so easy drinking, you could consider getting a case of it so you can have it for lunch, for dinner, for any time. Buy it from Amazon here!

If I had to choose, the Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Rosé has to be my favourite. Straight away compared to the white, this had a more fruity scent, yet carries the same light and citrusy taste that encourages more sips. Easy and uncomplicated but so addictive. I'm typically not a rosé person but this would be my new go-to! Get it from Amazon here.

A disclaimer - these 3 wines were sent to me for review, but all the opinions are my own and unsponsored. I genuinely wanted to share these with you all because I think we all need a bit of wine during our time in this semi-lockdown and these French wines are the perfect ones. I hope you found this review useful!

Merci Basile for sending over these wines!

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