Gadget review: Filtech Aero Air Purifier for Singapore's hazy days

I'm sure many of us remember the Great Haze of 2013 in Singapore, and in more recent years, us having some bad haze days as well when your eyes water and the air has a burnt smoky smell. Well, I am ready this year! Filtech, a company specialising in water filters in Singapore, also has a best-selling Aero air purifier (S$239.90) which they've sent me to try and review. It's been a couple of weeks, and I thought I'll share my thoughts so if you're looking for an air purifier Singapore review and deciding which one to buy, you can consider it!

First up, I like how clean and minimal the design is. It didn't take up lots of space either and the rounded corners are great since I tend to bump into things frequently. It came in a simple box with an instruction manual. 

After unboxing and connecting it a wall plug, it's on and running! There are 4 modes - max, auto, sleep (with a calming blue light) and nightlight mode which you can set to turn off after a while. Then there are 3 light colours indicating the air quality, or the PM2.5 status, using a laser sensor. It worked.. I'll show you what happened in a bit. 

After a couple of weeks, I also checked the HEPA filter (with Aero purification tech) - they are not dirty yet, but when the cycle runs down (1500 hours) it's time to change it. 

Here's the PM2.5 status when my room window was open and my air-conditioning was off for the morning. 40.. seems alright. Green status, yay!

The one below was taken recently after an entire night of being in air conditioning, and I did not open any windows. It hovered between 0 and 2, which was amazing. It's also reassuring that there isn't any PM2.5 particles in my room! (However I think it will not be like this most times...)

However, recently I was woken up abruptly BY SMOKE. And it was so bad and choking that I turned on the air purifier immediately just to get a sense of what's happening in the air. True enough, after a few seconds, the purifier went into overdrive (since it was on auto, it switched to max filtration mode occasionally with heavier fan spinning) and the indicator went up to 119 (150 is when it goes to red, so not yet). Turns out my parents were burning incense outside my room and everything just seeped in. 

It was after that incidence when I truly appreciated having the Filtech Aero air purifier in my room because the air got much better after I opened it up and let all the smoke get out. But it also showed me that it is as sensitive (or even more so) than my nose in terms of pollutants in the air. So we didn't need a haze for me to try it out, and I was reassured that when that does happen (inevitably), I have a super good filter to help me reduce the pollutants in the air (up to 0.15 microns).

So that's my review after having the Filtech air purifier in my room for a while. Thanks to Filtech for sending me the Aero air purifier to review and do click on the link to check them out if you're interested.

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    1. Hi Javier, I definitely do not recommend use in the kitchen as the filter might get greasy and gross very fast! It is more to filter out particles and dust in the air like in bedrooms. hope this helps!

  2. hi there, thanks for writing a review of this air purifier. I was wondering if you would be able to share what is the rated Power Watts this purifier has? Much appreciate your response! thanks

    1. Hi tiramisu, I checked and it'd the low 8 watts power! Hope that helps!