Bubble Tea Review: BJ Milkytea at Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-07, Singapore 082001

There's a new bubble tea brand in town, and it's BJ Milkytea! For those who are wondering (I know you do), BJ stands for the the founder and his wife's name, Benny and Jessie.  And before you think as well, do we need ANOTHER bubble tea shop in Singapore, well, I think the answer is yes! 

3 big reasons to support them, first being that they are also a social enterprise hiring the deaf/hard of hearing folks! Secondly, when you order your drink from the screen, you'll have a bear paw serve you the drink - no human interactions required. Lastly, they have some really unique and local flavours which is not your typical bubble tea style. I was kindly sent a few cups by their PR, and let me review them for you below!

Here are the bear paws. Depending on your luck, you might get a white, black or brown paw. Hehe. They represent the 3 people in the founder's fam. 

Here's their menu (click to view large version in a new window). As you can see they have some unique ones like Bloody and Lucky Bear, and of course the very popular Brown Sugar series. 

Here was my delivery! From left to right we have the Champagne Grape Fiesta (S$5), then there's the Muddy Bear (S$4.80), the Lucky Bear ($4.60) and lastly the Latte (S$2.80). Wow.

The largest cup of the lot, the Champagne Grape Fiesta (S$5) which is grape syrup and grape bits with soda was super refreshing and light especially on a hot Singapore day. The grape was also slightly tart, not overly artificial or sweet. Actually I imagine the blended version of this (Polar Grapes, $6.60) will be really good too!

The Muddy Bear (S$4.80) was my favourite among the lot, and my cousin (whom I shared it with) agrees! The taro was chewy and satisfying in the taro drink which was creamy without being overly milky. Fragrant and satisfying. Winner! I might go back to get this in person, TBH, because I imagine the taro even better fresh. 

Then there's the Lucky Bear ($4.60), which you might wonder why is it so. That's because it's plum juice with roselle and aloe bits! It's quite appetising if you can imagine plum juice, but tampered with the roselle and the aloe. It's not something I'd get cos it's too healthy for bbt, but for some caffeine and dairy intolerant folks I imagine they will prefer it!

Last, the Latte (S$2.80). Was surprised at the price, considering it's quite a generous cup. However, this is definitely on the super-milky side with just a mild coffee taste. I drink my coffee black and in espresso or long black form, so this was too mild. But if I want a milky drink that is not tea, this could be it!

And that's my review of BJ Milkytea! For the 3 reasons I mentioned above, do check them out if you are in the Tanjong Pagar area. I'll also want to try their Pulut Hitam drink next time since I love the black glutinous rice dessert, and it sounds really intriguing. 

BJ Milkytea
Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-07, Singapore 082001
Daily 11am to 7pm, available on all delivery apps

Thanks BJ Milkytea for the treat!

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