Fine Dining Lunch Review: Clos Pasoh at 48A Bukit Pasoh Rd, Level 2, Singapore 089859

It really was quite the bummer when the 2-pax restrictions came back again, but at least we were still able to dine out! I recently went to Clos Pasoh for lunch because I've been wanting to visit this French restaurant for a while now and what better occasion than to have a leisurely Friday afternoon lunch to celebrate very much in advance, a friend's birthday. The restaurant itself's really beautiful. Classy without trying too hard to look hipster, pleasant without being placid. 

The bar area looks enticing too! But since we went during weekday lunch it was empty.

This was my view from the corner where we were sat at.

We opted for the Set Lunch, which was reasonably priced at $42 for 2 courses and $49 for 3 and a great way to sample a restaurant's dishes without breaking the bank. 

First up, some complimentary sourdough bread. Liked it! But not exactly very mindblowing.

For starters, we got the Duck rillette with foie gras and chargrilled sourdough. The pickled gherkins were a nice touch with the pointy bread (scarcely enough for the generous portion of rilette!) The rilette itself was quite gamey but not offensive. 

The star of the meal though had to be this. The Bisque Coco-homard (+S$8) with a rich and creamy coconut & lobster bisque surrounding some delicately made steamed lobster dumpling. They definitely did not scrimp on the ingredients - every mouthful had the essence of the lobster. A must-order when here!

For mains, we each chose something different so we could share. My friend got the Cabillaud à la Dieppoise (+$8) which was cod fish in Dieppoise sauce with mussels, mushrooms & spinach. There are also bits of sakura or tiny shrimp in there which I thought was a bit much, but my friend enjoyed. The cod itself was fresh and bouncy, as expected, and the slightly sour sauce did its best to complement the fish. Well executed and a good choice if you like fish. 

However, I did prefer my choice of the Estouffade Provençale, which was slow cooked beef cheek with grilled fennel, red wine & tomato sauce. The beef cheek was of course unbelievably soft and just disintegrates in your mouth, and it's quite rare but I enjoyed the red wine sauce very much. Sometimes I feel like chefs overdo the sauce and it overpowers everything. But here it is like a partner in crime, not so much the mastermind. Get it if you like beef!

Lastly, dessert. Actually my friend knew me so well because when I sent him this place and the menu he immediately circled the Riz au lait. I CANNOT resist French rice pudding. This also had Tonka beans, caramelized peanuts & salted butter caramel. The rice pudding was room temperature, but nicely made though I wish there were some raisins in it. Unfortunately though we made a wrong choice getting the Mousse au chocolat. We thought what could go wrong with a simple chocolate mousse with Guanaja dark chocolate, right? But TBH the mousse had an awful texture that made eating it unpleasant. I'm sorry to be so harsh in my description, but it was one of the WORST chocolate mousse I've ever had of recent times. Please do not order it if you did come across that on the menu, you've been warned!

Overall, the food and experience at Clos Pasoh is a great one (except for the chocolate mousse) and I especially like the lobster bisque and my beef cheeks main. Therefore I'll definitely recommend for anyone to check them out for set lunch first before deciding to go in for their dinner menu (I saw on Google Reviews that the seafood platter is a signature). 

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Clos Pasoh
48A Bukit Pasoh Road, Level 2, Singapore 089859
Wednesday to Saturday 11.45am to 11.30pm, Tuesday 4.30pm-11.30pm
Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Reservations on or call 69800672

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