Food Review: Wild Child Pizzette opens at 50 Circular Rd, Singapore 049405

I was invited to try out a new pizzeria in town by The Cicheti Group called Wild Child Pizzette recently and I really enjoyed the dining in experience. Actually I had taken away a couple of pizzas during the nth no-dining in restriction, and they were good, but it just wasn't the same as having it fresh on the spot paired with some delicious wine and beverages. The Wild Child part of the name refers to the creative and free expression by the founders and I suppose the pizzette part refers to the size of the restaurant. It's quite a small seater but had a warm and cosy feel to it (can't wait for music to be back!). Right at the end of the shophouse you'll see the Italian oven that was shipped over and installed, which is a sure sign of awesome wood-fired pizzas, and you can feel the heat emanating from it if one's a bit close. 


Here's the menu, which is also quite minute (yay) with just 7 starters and 7 10-inch pizzas to choose from, and 2 desserts. Prices are alright for the quality-assured food and drinks!

We started off with Cauliflower (S$14) which had roasted and charred cauliflower on top of labneh (Israeli greek yogurt) together with some coriander, mint and pistachio. This was a delightful appetiser for being light and bright with a hint of smokiness, and very unconventional as a Mediterranean dish (much like a Wild Child). 4/5 

By the way, for each dish we also had a bit of a wine pairing, and each was carefully selected by sommelier and business partner Roland Kamiyama. They were exquisite!

Then we had some Kurobuta (S$17 for 200g, $31 for 400g) which again is not something that's regularly found in a pizzeria. Reminiscent of siew yok, the pork belly was crispy and tender all at once. The Crack Oil (housemade chilli oil) was also fantastic and great as a dip for EVERYTHING. 4/5

We also sampled the Bikini (S$18.50). The term refers to the ham and cheese sandwich from Catalan, Spain but here they have revised it using the slow-fermented pizza dough to encase slow-braised grass-fed beef cheek marmalade and layers of taleggio and provolone. It might not look like much here, but biting into a piece of it was like a umami explosion. So good, I think if not for the carbs, I would say this is the best starter! 

Next, the wild take on the classic, traditional Margherita pizza by baking, deep frying and then baking the Crispy Fried Margherita (S$21) again for that extra crisp. It also had all the best ingredients IMO of a pizza - stracciatella, semi-dried San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and aged parmigiana, working together to create an umami symphony in your mouth. I'd say this is still one of my favs of the night! 4.5/5

The Garage Project BEER (S$10) was also a fun one - it tasted exactly like the packaging - uncharacteristic of any style (actually a pilsner) but just beer. 

Another pizza we tried was a kale pizza called the Cavolo Nero (S$18.50) made with Tuscan kale, lemon and pickled onions. This sounded wayyy too experimental to me (I can imagine an Italian man recoiling in horror) but strangely it worked. The kale added a green, intense element while the lemon and pickled onions gave it a sour breakthrough. 3.5/5

Funky (in a good way) pizzas should be paired with funky drinks and that's what happened! I especially liked this Motoshibori, Akishika Shuzo (S$16 for 90m), which is a Junmai Yamahai Muroka Nama Moto. That's a long string of words but basically it is unpasteurised and undiluted sake using a traditional yeast starter. Yet it wasn't raw or strong, just fizzy and light with a pleasant rice taste. 

The last of our pizzas was something I tried and liked - the Spiniata Calabrese (S$19) that was named after the spicy salami from Calabria with a spicy pepperonicino flavour, and drizzled with Sichuan chilli honey. The pepperoni-salami actually had a bit of a bakwa taste as a result! The chilli honey wasn't spicy at all, nor numbing, so it didn't steal the show. This pizza was fiery, not from the spice, but the combination of heat, oil and char. It paired excellently with an organic rosè from Tavel, a wine-growing AOC in the southern Rhône wine region of France. You'll need to split this pizza with another! This and the Classic Margherita I think would be great for 2 pax. 

We ended this delightful tasting with a Pecan Tart (S$13) that's freshly baked daily. I really liked the brown sugar-bourbon pecan pilling with the super boozy whisky gelato (such genius?) along with caramel and bourbon sauce. It's quite rich, and again made for sharing, but I appreciate the alcohol + sugar play. 4/5

We also paired it with some non-alcoholic Sparkling Tea 

Overall, Wild Child Pizzette is a great new place to try out some delightful wood-fired, slow-fermented pizza dough with innovative, world flavours be it in the starters or in the drink pairings. I think the fruits of their labour in experimenting in something wild definitely paid off. I'll recommend everyone to drop by and try it for yourself!

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Wild Child Pizzette
50 Circular Road, Singapore 049405
Monday to Saturday 12-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm
Closed on Sundays
Reservations on here

Thanks Daniel and Wild Child Pizzette for having me!

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