Lunch review: Takeshi Noodle Bar at 12 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088387

I went to Takeshi Noodle Bar recently by chance for a late lunch and was pleasantly surprised by the food and place so I thought I'll share it with you guys! Located within a small boutique hotel called Hotel Soloha, the noodle bar is a small space which serves up really great value-for-money (alcoholic) drinks and delish noods. I also LOVE the decor in there - it's basically art deco x modern contemporary with a splash of rattan, plus the entire place was well-ventilated even though the kitchen cooks everything ala minute.

Here's the bar just right outside in the hotel lobby.

The decor had some retro items like books and camera amidst the terrazzo tabletops and arches.

On the menu (view on their website), this immediately caught our eye. Quite brilliant too, especially when tourism is still alive in Singapore (RIP..). 

We also got a free beer for every beer ordered if we posted on social media about them, which we gladly did. 

Along with the fries we also ordered some piping hot and fresh chicken karaage (S$10) with garlic wasabi mayo which was sooo yummy. Perfect with some beer.

This also caught our eyes. Seafood and mala? Seems like a great combo! But we opted for a dry version of this instead.

This was also quite tempting but in the end we went for the pork version of the ramen.

On to the food! We ordered the Honey Roasted Iberico Pork Ramen (S$15.90) with burnt miso iberico tonkotsu because it was touted as a must-try on Food King. We could pick the firmness of noodle (hard) and richness of tonkotsu (normal, the waitress said that's the recommended). And it was perfect. The Food King review was right, the broth was where the goodness went with a slightly sweet, smoky rich flavour that isn't overly salty and went perfectly with the noodles. The iberico pork slices themselves weren't that flavourful but you won't mind it cos it's all in the soup. Generous portion too for the price! 5/5 (spoiler alert all 3 dishes got full marks).

Next, we wanted something dry so we got the Mala lobster wonton noodle (S$19.90) with handmade wontons, lobster chunks, iberico char siew, crispy kale and mala base. The mala flavour isn't too overwhelmingly spicy or numbing which is perfect for us smol-spice eaters. It also allowed the rest of the ingredients to shine through and ever component worked super well with each other. Also must-try... 5/5

Last, since we were still feeling a tad peckish - we got the Angel Hair Aglio Olio (S$21.90) with seafood dash and sautéed crab lumps. Crab lumps made it sound not so appetising but when you look at the photo it's another story! This beautiful dish with the edible flowers was almost too pretty to destroy. Again it looks simple but the pasta was coated with that deep seafood flavour which gave the dish its umami-ness without overwhelming. I could probably inhale this in a few minutes, but we shared the calories :P 5/5

Overall I must say Takeshi Noodle Bar is probably one of the top finds for me in 2021 when it comes to good affordable food. I highly recommend for yáll to check em out and let me know what you think! Our local FNB places deserve all the help they can get during these times and let's try to support them!

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Takeshi Noodle Bar
Hotel Soloha, 12 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088387
Wednesday to Monday 12-3pm, 5-10.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Reservations on Quandoo

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