Cookware review: Modori Goodle non-stick pots and pans in Singapore

I'm not a cook. But during the times when I do have to cook something, like a piece of salmon for example, I find myself confronted with limited choices of cookware at home that is non-stick AND non-toxic. I came to know more about them through a video by John Oliver about the harmful effects of the chemical PFAS (which PFOA is a subset of) used in non-stick pots and pans that can ironically stick around for a VERY long time, in your body if ingested, or in the environment. That's why I was glad when Modori reached out to ask if I would like to review their Goodle collection of non-stick cookware, which is made in a special forging process that coats high purity aluminium (hence its not heavy) with an inoble coating 6 times that is non-toxic yet durable and conducts heat evenly and quickly. Perfect for yourself or as a gift!

I was very impressed by the aesthetics of the Goodle collection when they arrived, especially the rivet-free wooden handle made from the Korean Somei Yoshino cherry tree that's super comfortable to hold, and not hot at all. I think my favourite had to be the square egg pan (S$44.80 sale price). It just look so cute, and I can finally make the dashimaki grilled tamago in them! My brother tried it out, but it was a fail, and I might try it again this weekend.

The 18cm saucepan (S$74.80 sale price) also seems like a great addition for cooking stews and sauces, especially if you have to sauté some onion or garlic first with a bit of oil. The non-stick surface makes the cooking AND washing after super easy. I would imagine how they will make for a GREAT Christmas gift for someone who cooks (that's basically every adult in this WFH season). 

Here's what the base of the pan looks like. The bumps help but spread out the heat I think, and makes it easier to use on an induction stove I would imagine (to slide around). The pan is fully coated, so I have to be gentle with it on a gas stove since the surface can be scratched if not careful. 

The 24cm frying pan (S$54.80 sale price) got the most use so far because it's such a versatile pan. I first used it to make pancakes, which totally did not stick even without the butter. Because it conducts heat so easily, I did not need to turn up the heat too much (and that helps protect the wooden handle as well). 

The high ridges on the side also made it easy for me to flip the pancakes. They came out picture-perfect.

I also used the same 24cm frying pan to make pesto pasta the other night. Again it was great cos I used the pan to sauté garlic in olive oil first, then added the pesto and lastly some pasta water with the cooked pasta. 

This is my idea of an instant meal - only takes 9 minutes (duration of boiling pasta) to make. Easy and healthy!

Overall I'm super impressed by the Goodle Collection of non-stick cookware by Modori. With proper care and use (not using metallic stuff on the surface, using soft sponge and non-alkaline cleaning detergent, not letting the wooden handle soak in water, and not varying the temperature of the pans too much) I think it will last a super long time so I can cook worry-free. Thanks Modori for sending the cookware over and for those who wish to shop the collection and take advantage of the sale now, please visit this link!

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