Fitness Equipment Review: Band of Sisters Resistance Bands from Singapore

I'm here today with the opposite of what I typically write about, which is food and feasting. Today I'll like to shine a spotlight on a local Singaporean fitness and lifestyle start-up called Band of Sisters, which promotes the use of resistance bands in strength training and is suitable for everyone regardless of whether you are a pro or amateur (that's me). They have a very strong mission and vision, which you can read more about here

The bands of different lengths and 2 materials come in 3 designs - terrazzo (which is what I got), marble and nature. You can get them online and it ships rather quickly as well in Singapore, perfect for gifting (gift bundles avail too)! I've a promo code at the end for you too to get 12% off. It's also the perfect accompaniment for exercising and strengthening at home now that we are officially in December, the month for feasting and gatherings!

The bands are not just any AliExpress type with a logo stuck on - they are super well made, sturdy and has a length of anti-slip and grippy rubber strip made of little soft spikes on one side in a very pleasing lilac shade! I was very surprised to find it and realised what they were for quickly (as you can tell these were my first bands).

I also learned how resistance bands are good for incorporating in any fitness regime. I didn't think about it, but it's true that it really helps to use tools to maximise the workout and also not harm your body (them back and joints!)

So, how did they do? Or rather, how did I do with them? I took it to the test. I used the long band according to their super useful workout videos to stretch my arms and shoulders (I did some light stretching before starting). Not gon lie, it was not as easy as it looked! I like how versatile the long band is though, you can use it many ways to activate different body parts!

I also used the booty band (shorter and thicker band) for a back lift wall assist. 15 reps! Man it was kinda tough but I can definitely feel the burn. YaAs to a perkier booty!

Then I did squats with the booty band as well and that was also surprisingly taxing but rewarding. I felt my glutes being activated and the band stayed on well and secure (must be irritating if it keeps slipping) but provided just the right amount of resistance without digging into my skin.

I also attempted the side kicks. I probably need to work on these cos I'm leaning too much on the side! 👯

But as they say, fitness is a journey and I'm so glad I got to try the Band of Sisters resistance bands because I will be incorporating them into my fitness routine - maybe do it for 30 minutes every Thurs and Sunday just during the day for a good break!

Thanks to Yvonne and Jimmy for sending the bands to me to try. They have also kindly provided a promo code for you all! Use code BOSALEXIS12 to get 12% off any single purchase from BandOfSisters.Co from now till 31 December. Now go be fabulous!

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