Food Review: Wanton Seng's Eating House at 10 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069789

Wanton noodles are probably in my top 5 favourite dishes of all time. That's why I couldn't say no when I was invited to try out Wanton Seng's at their new location on 10 Ann Sian Hill. I've had them when they were at Amoy St, and they have moved around a bit before settling here at the old Gem Bar location (ad folks will know it as one of their regular drinking spots). I'm glad too that Ann Siang Hill now has this affordable gastro bar selling local cuisine (wanton noodles some more!) AND has a drinks list to match the others.

The restaurant's prominently located at the top of the hill and it is the usual elongated shophouse which is quite breezy, even without air-conditioning. The plus point of this is there's absolutely no food smell indoors at all. 

The Aburi Scallops (S$16) with tobiko, kombu dressing with fried ginger garlic and scallions was the cheerful little starter to get us in the mood for noods. It was great - the fresh and tender scallops didn't need too much dressing for us to enjoy its flavour. 3.5/5 

We also sampled the Jasmine 'White' Sangria (S$18/glass) made with white wine, jasmine tea, kaffir, pineapple and cointreau. Which looked really refreshing but was unfortunately a tad light for our palates. Same for their Shiok Chili. It's been tampered with for sure, because a proper wanton mee chili will burn your mouth properly. This was more like a tickle.

We also had the Kombucha Fizz (S$18) gin, citrus honey, ginger, seasonal kombucha which was quite refreshing, though I wish it again was more alcoholic :P Anyway, I do think that a craft beer might be a better accompaniment to the food than the cocktails.

For those looking for a light meal, I highly recommend you try their Cold noods (S$6.50) which has kombu dressing, seaweed flakes and tossed in sesame & chilli oil with scallions. The noodles are the star of the show in this place, and this dish clearly shows the superiority. 4/5 You can also get this, and add on some sides like the XO Radish Cake. 

The XO Radish Cake (S$10) is topped with egg floss and fried shallots and scallions, and they are cubes of perfection. The crispy, sweet and hot outer layer complemented with a fragrant radish interior which wasn't overly salty or hard. It was so fun just popping these into my mouth, I had to stop myself! 4.5/5

Of course, we have to try one of the new innovative dishes as well - the Mala bah chor noods (S$10.50) made with toppings like the smol-medium spicy mala pork mince, pork wontons, lava egg, hk kailan, scallions, coriander and peanuts. This was quite a mouthful - and the colouring looks daunting at first, but turned out it wasn't THAT numbingly spicy. It was more spicy from what felt like chili padi, than peppercorn, though there definitely was some. It was a nice try but, I think unnecessary. 3/5

That's because you can just order the regular Char Siu Noods (S$8.5) with thick juicy layers of pork belly char siu with pork wontons, hk kailan and scallions and be perfectly happy with it. This is the quintessential wanton noodle experience with upgraded char siu. I loved it a lot, mainly again back to the noodles carrying the cast members. Even the char siu itself was pretty average in comparison. And overall, for $8.50, this is really super affordable in the heart of that district! 4/5

Overall a great place for local wanton noodles with an added flair. Try the new dishes like the XO Radish Cake, and definitely order one of the noodle dishes to pair with some craft beer. 

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Wanton Seng's Noodle House
10 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069789
Tuesdays to Sundays 11.30am-3pm, 5pm-10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

Thanks Damian for the invite!

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