New Bubble Tea Cafe Review: Playground by Playmade at B1 AMK Hub, Singapore 569933

I love Playmade. Amongst all the different bubble tea brands in Singapore, I think my top 2 (and they are closely tied) are Playmade and Woobbee. That's why I was surprised and happy to find that Playmade has opened a new cafe selling food and bubble tea called Playground, right near where I live at AMK Hub! Situated right outside Watsons (and a few steps away from bubble tea competitor Chicha San Chen), this small but cute space has a few tables for dine-in and a food menu with sandwiches, burgers, croissants and rice bowls and HK-style egglet. 

Here's their food menu, and actually the items are also available for delivery on GrabFood and Foodpanda, but I very much prefer to have the items on the spot for my first try. What I didn't realise is that you can get a savoury item and add on a non-milk bubble tea for $1 more as a meal, which of course I jumped at the chance of. Such value!

Here's the regular Playmade bubble tea menu as of December 2021! They have specials quite regularly, such as the coconut shake, but are more for the bbt shops instead of this cafe. I'm happy with this to pick a drink for my meal however, and I got the Osmanthus Oolong Tea with osmanthus jelly (+$) topping. 

And this was what I got for the main! A K-Pop sandwich set ($$8.90) that comes with egg mayo, some shredded lettuce with crabmeat chunks and a bright purple jam in between lightly toasted white bread. Overall a passable sandwich with generous fillings, but I was a little disappointed at the bread being slightly dry instead of fluffy like the Japanese sandos. I'll probably try the Taiwanese Chicken Rice next time instead. 3/5

What I would highly recommend, and raved about, is this Egglet with Chicken Floss (S$2.9 original + S$1.2 topping). It was made fresh (you could smell the batter being toasted in the unique egglet toaster) and it was still slightly warm when I got it. It was quite a challenge to eat it but man the flavours were so good with the eggy (but not smelly), slightly sweet flavour of the egglet mixed with the salty-sweet floss that had some condensed milk below. It felt really sinful but sometimes you got to treat yourself! 4/5

Every bite was bliss. The airy pockets were a genius invention against the chewy and crispy textures.

Overall, I'll definitely be back at Playground to have more of their food items together with a bubble tea. I'll highly recommend you guys to check them out if you are in the vicinity as well because its not common for bbt brands to expand into selling food, and we should support local!

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Oh I also made a TikTok video of my trip there. Check it out.
Playground by Playmade
AMK Hub #B1-51B, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933
11am (10.30am on Sat and Sun) to 10pm daily 

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