Gadget Review: The LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector + GIVEAWAY

Lumos! That's the spell in Harry Potter to light up your wand. And LUMOS is also the name of a Singaporean company that specialises in projectors. What a brilliant name. They contacted me recently and asked if I'll like to review their LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Short-Throw projector, and being the home entertainment fanatic AND a supporter of local companies that I am, I couldn't say no. Read on for my review, find out how to take part in the giveaway of 1x Smart LUMOS RAY below and watch my YouTube video review as well.

So right off the bat I was just surprised by how portable and lightweight it is, for such a powerful projector (you can get a bright 100 inch screen with just 3m distance) at such a good price (S$199-$298 compared to S$600+ ones). There's a cute leather handle too if you need to carry it around. The box comes with the projector, a remote (single AAA battery required), the power cable, the yellow-red audio cable and a HDMI cable. I just took the power cable and remote and it's good to go. 

LUMOS RAY Projector Review

Other than the super wallet-friendly price (S$298 for the Smart version) and the portability of the projector, I was also quite impressed by the connectivity options. The projector has its own set of Dolby Audio speakers, so when you are not watching you can even connect your phone to the projector to use as a speaker. 

You can also plug in headphones, HDMI cable, USB and TF. And when you first set it up you can connect it to WIFI for Netflix and YouTube streaming. You can also cast from your phone using the same WIFI network. Lastly, you can also connect the projector to a Bluetooth speaker for better sound (which is what we did). There's also a RIZE stand accessory (+S$55) available on the site if you do not have a rack, shelf or table to project from. So you can place it beside your sofa or bed. I'll recommend doing up a shelf though if it's above the bed! 

Here's how the screen looks when streaming on the blank wall in front at night (I took this in night mode so there's a bit of blur of the image in my camera, not the projection).

Here's another one in another room, above my bed. This was a UHD video on YouTube for wildlife. It's just so different watching something like this on a big screen. 

Here is the little LUMOS RAY sitting on the shelf above the bed, happily humming along (plus point it is also very quiet, unlikely some big projectors). The light is very strong because of the lumen brightness. 

Watch my YouTube video review to see how the image quality looks like for yourself, and my thoughts. 

To purchase the LUMOS RAY, visit this link. You can also read the many glowing reviews by customers. They even had celebs Zoe Tay and Lee Teng loving it! I can say if you're looking for a projector, this is the light at the end of the tunnel (hurh) so get it.

And now we're going to have a giveaway to ONE lucky person residing in Singapore who will be able to meet up and collect this S$298 projector from me! Go to my Instagram profile with the photo of this projector and leave ONE comment per person with these 
1. Why you want a LUMOS RAY in 200 words or less
2. What is the lumen brightness of the projector
3....and follow the handle @lumosprojector 's on Instagram

That's it! The best entry with both parts of the question + following of lumosprojector's IG account will be picked on 3rd of Feb Thurs by 8pm and contacted via DM to arrange for meet up. 

Thanks for reading this review! 
  1. I got the Lumos projector. Within 1 year, I have to factory reset the device 2 times because something always fail to work. Imagine all the apps you have to reinstall and login. Lumos when approached, doesn't even bother to apologize when the problem lies with their device. Their solution is normally copy and paste which is to factory reset.

    If you try to find Lumos Projector on Google review, it almost impossible to find because people can only depend on their website for the 5 star review which is rigged by the way. They use influencers and social media to build their branding. End of the day, Lumos is the one that gained the most money, influencers got only a small portion of what Lumos did. When customers purchase their product, they send an email after purchase to extend 6 months warranty but with conditions such as "Make sure you get a great shot!" and making it public hinting to buyers to give a great review. Another email they sent was to give a review by giving free tripod or cash (if buyer has already have their tripod) at a monthly giveaway lucky draw by sharing LUMOS experience. And you know what? They gave a hint in the email "Tip: Better-looking pictures + video reviews stand a higher chance, so flex it! :) Will be even better if you could pose with your setup too!". So the reviews are mainly rigged. I was stupid to believe the reviews are real only to realize this tactic after purchasing.

    And by the way, I bought their projecting screen, it was stored in the storeroom for not sure how long, the condition was terrible.

    Buyers would be better off to purchase other branding such as Anker etc. At least they don't rig reviews.

    1. Thanks for sharing, I have chosen to publish your comment so others can read it but I must say my personal, unpaid opinion after using the projector from Jan 2022 till now was good and I didn't have to factory reset anything.