Cafe Review: State of Affairs at 183 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574332

It was indeed the State of Affairs that saw another new cafe pop up in the Upper Thomson area. This time, the cafe is actually named State of Affairs and opened by ex-Penny University barista Fahmi Zailani, which is why we managed to snag a cuppa on Day Two of CNY this year during their soft opening. I like that the cafe is a short walk away from the noisier and more crowded Upper Thomson stretch, but near enough for me to get there quickly. 

The interior's in my favourite shades of green, and looks very industrial-chic with the metallic accents! There's also a small 4-5 pax nook upstairs that overlooks L1 in this space of the Longhaus condo.

This cafe is first and foremost all about coffee, so we had to try them. I love a good long black brew - you can really taste all the notes when made properly and consumed that way (I had a disastrous homemade drip black coffee just the day before that I wanted to forget). They took their time too to brew my coffee - there's definitely skill and patience involved!

This is their coffee menu during soft launch week. They are open from 6am on Saturdays and Sundays, which is mad early, and 9am on weekdays. 

And from their Instagram, I see they also serve up small plates from 9am. TBH the cauliflower steak definitely caught my eye so I'll have to go back and try it!

Coffee-wise, I did enjoy my brew. Fruity and light, it was just the right balance. 

I'll be back to try their small plates, and perhaps have another one of their delicious coffees when I am looking for a mid-week break!

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State of Affairs
183 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574332
6am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays; 9am on Fridays, Mondays-Weds
Closed on Thursdays
No reservations required

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