Food Review: Analogue at #01-31 Chijmes, Singapore 187996

I love the idea of analogue anything. So when I heard that there's a plant-based bar in Chijmes called Analogue that has the best jackfruit tacos in town, I was definitely game to try. And now I found out that it's also opened by the same guys as Native bar, which I place in high regard for their cocktails and mad-scientist distillation. I also learnt that it is big on food sustainability, which again is a subject close to my heart. 

The place is definitely eye-opening, for you'll immediately be drawn to the 3D printed waveform table surface surrounding the bar. Really cool vibes, for sure!

Here's the drinks menu. I had their natural wine, the NZ Sato Pinot Gris (S$17), since it felt apt with the food we're going to have. 

But of course the cocktails are the co-star here with the food. I wince a little at the price though, but I should really just get used to seeing cocktails start from $25++ in this part of the world. 

For food, they work off the tapas concept with sharing plates. Let me just get this off my chest here once and for all. The food is quite expensive considering they are plant-based. And maybe I as a consumer is having the exact wrong mindset about it, yet at the same time, I also feel like if one were to make plant-based diets more common, then the price needs to also be more accessible. There, I said it. Pumpkin dumplings for $22.. is just really not easy to digest.

We were originally there for the Jackfruit Tacos, but ended up with a few plates and both the desserts.

The Jackfruit Tacos (S$26) were the best dish of the night, hands down. You would not realise you're not eating meat with this meatilicious umami filling inside crunchy taco shells. There's probably a lot of work that goes into treating the plant into this, so it deserves the price tag. 4.5/5

Unfortunately, not this Mushroom Ceviche (S$16) which probably was difficult only because of the white stuff sprinkled over it, which turned out to be quite interesting sesame snow. Otherwise, it was really earthy and kind of plain, and I have no desire to take more. 1/5

Then there's the Pumpkin Dumplings (S$22), which is had sweet pumpkin miso encased in dumpling skin. While it is nicely fried, I can't get over the sweetness of the pumpkin in a dish that should be salty, so again, not really a fan of it. 3/5

We also had the Puri Poppers (S$16) which was just tomato chutney inside some's $2.6 for each popper......... 'enuff said. 3/5

1 of the desserts was quite good though - the Pina Clavo (S$10), which is grilled pineapple with clove ice cream was fiery and chilly all at once with the clove spice adding something extra to the dish. The ice cream sandwich (S$6) that's not pictured is skippable though - it's just coconut ice cream inside a rather  stale waffle.

Overall I would say, skip the food unless its the jackfruit tacos and get some drinks instead at Analogue for a more uplifting experience. 

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30 Victoria St, #01-31 Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Tuesdays to Sundays 5pm-10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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