Italian Food Review: Ristorante Pietrasanta at 1 Fusionopolis Way, #01-08, Singapore 138632

A good Italian restaurant is difficult to find, but not impossible in Singapore. Luckily for me, since Italian is one of my favourite cuisines EVER. So I was pleased to finally be able to check out Ristorante Pietrasanta at Fusionopolis, having heard of them a long time ago since they were at Portsdown Road but never had the opportunity to go. And their alfresco area is pet-friendly too which means this little guy got to come with! He had two small chairs to sit on too and was a good boi the entire night. 

I don't know how it is like indoors, but alfresco dining was pretty nice. The evening was cool and the entire complex was deserted on a Sunday evening (the eve of Valentine's Day!). I went with my brother and his gf so it was also very bright. In case you're wondering what they have, here's the menu.

We started with opening a bottle of white wine (very nice) and the Grilled Vegetables (S$19.90) since we were planning on pretty carb-heavy mains. The eggplant was nicely done with a slight char. 4/5

Then, because Google Review photos were chanced, I casually suggested that we get the Burrata (without looking at the price) and it came with a side of parma ham, rocket leaves and tomatoes. This Burrata Salad was S$42.90. Imagine our bill shock.. but then again this is also a massive burrata that's probably good for 4-5 pax. 3 of us finished it, but only barely. It's good though - super creamy and as fresh as imported burrata could taste. But I don't think I'll be ordering it anytime soon. 3/5

We also got some focaccia bread to start, which again was kinda hefty at $9.90 for a basket (I thought like in restaurants in Italy, it was complimentary). I guess they got to make up for the high cost of ingredients, manpower and rent somewhere. The bread's good though and it was almost like having a pizza with the rocket, burrata and ham. 3/5

Then on to the mains, which we decided to be pasta quite early on. First was the Pici al ragu chiantigiano (S$24.90) which is fresh hand-made Tuscan spaghetti with beef chianti bolognese and parmesan cheese. This is the most handmade pasta I've seen - they are literally longish lumps of pasta in a very generous richly flavoured meat sauce reduced into semi-dry paste. It was very flavourful but to me, a bit too salty and overly rich, but my brother liked it. 3/5

Next, one of their signatures - the Fettuccine con Salsiccia Tartufo (S$28.90) with handmade fettuccine, pork sausage and black truffle. The fettucine here was the opposite to the one in the ragu sauce for how tape-like and regular it was. I would have preferred it in another shape, I think. The sausage black truffle sauce was superb though - very easily inhaled. 4/5

The best pasta dish of the night had to be the Spaghetti al granchio (S$26.90) with the original gnocchi swapped out for spaghetti for no extra cost, in a crab meat tomato cream sauce. It's basic, but the tart tomato really cut through the heavy pasta and elevated the chunks of crabmeat as a seafood counterpoint. I might come back just for this 4.5/5

To end of the night on a sweet note, we got the Tiramisu (S$17.90) which my brother said is possibly one of the best tiramisu he has ever tried. Wow, that's high praise indeed! To me it's very good but I think I've had better though I can't exactly remember where... Still indeed this is a classic that's executed perfectly. 5/5 And we would love to try Chef Loris' homemade gelato, but that's for when it opens next time!

I'm adding Ristorante Pietrasanta to my list of good Italian restaurants to recommend or suggest for dinner now that I had a taste of what it has to offer, and I also know what NOT to order (burrata, focaccia) and hone in on what's good (crabmeat pasta, tiramisu, wine).

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Pietrasanta the Italian Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Way, #01-08, Singapore 138632
Tuesdays to Sundays 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm
Closed on Mondays
Email or call +65 98639253

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