Food review: Drunken Farmer Wine Bar at 11 Stanley St, Singapore 068730

Natural wines and sourdough pizza, anyone? Drunken Farmer have taken the island by storm in 2020-21 I feel, with two outlets and online retail. There's one branch at 185 Joo Chiat Road, which I have tried their pizzas for delivery (they travelled quite well) and for New Year's Day this year, we decided to visit their 11 Stanley Street branch (just beside Domino's). It was quite a nice space with eclectic projections indoors (which I couldn't really take) so outdoors it is. It was a rainy evening, so it was nice and cool.  

We started with some sourdough karaage (S$20) which comes with a very satisfying kimchi mayo dip. The chicken was hot, fresh and crispy - the stuff dreams are made of. It definitely whetted our appetite for the mains, and was a good accompaniment to the white and orange wines we got by the glass. The sommelier was very pleasant as well, recommending us flavour profiles that we liked.

Here's the menu. Their claim to fame is the 159 year old starter for the rather classically flavoured sourdough pizzas but other sharing items had some sort of Asian inspired twist, which I like. 

We also had to give their sourdough pizza a try. We got the Four Cheeses (S$28) which TBH, not my cup of tea. It was wayy too cheesy with a ricotta base AND 3 types of cheese without something to soak it up or cut through the richness. The lack of meat of any kind too felt like something was missing. Overall would not recommend. Stick to the classics! 2/5

The Calzone (S$25) with a tomato base, stracciatella, basil-pistachio pesto and balsamic vinegar was a better choice. It was steaming hot and filled with delicious ingredients which attacked our sense of smell first. The pizza dough was really quite something, especially in this format. 4/5

So that's the Drunken Farmer for you! I can see how the food's a foil for the natural wines but I wish our pizza was better so I can unreservedly recommend them. Prices are also on the slightly higher side which again, I felt is not as sustainable for us.

🙅 Thank you, next 

🤷 Try if nearby ✔️

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Drunken Farmer
11 Stanley St, Singapore 068730
Tuesdays to Saturdays 6-10.30pm
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

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