Italian Food Review: LIT Bar Lounge Restaurant at 65 Boat Quay, Singapore 049853

LIT is a newish bar, lounge and restaurant along Boat Quay serving up Italian food and an extensive wine/spirits menu. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and thought they are a pretty decent place for food/drinks - however, it is PARAMOUNT to sit outside (outside the door, or along the river) because unfortunately you will smell like food if you sit indoors and the views outside are much nicer especially around sunset. Still, if you're looking to eat, drink and be LIT, this is the place to go.

Here's a sample of their menu (full one on website). Pretty extensive, and a bit on the higher end though you have to consider the location and the ingredients. It's not easy to run an F&B biz these days!

I like that their pasta and pizza menu is also considerable and incorporates a fair bit of seafood, but also traditional Italian ingredients like burrata and salami. 

We started with some "Treasures of the Sea" (S$18) which is a rich seafood tomato soup filled with ingredients. The soup was enriched by the flavours of the sea, though I would appreciate a bit more dimension. It was quite appetising for sure. 3.5/5

What I really enjoyed was the House Red, a glass of Zenato Valpolicella Classico (S$22). Yes its a bit on the higher spectrum for wine pricing, but the wine was so smooth and full-bodied! 4/5

We also tried the "A Gift from the Angels" (S$28 for a row) which saw Hokkaido scallops on a bed of chilled angel hair capellini and mixed with Japanese combo and white truffle essence. TBH the white truffle essence was not the best that night, with a strong artificiality, which we gave feedback on. Turns out the chef tried a new essence which did not work out (hopefully they will change it!) Otherwise on its own, the scallops were cooked perfectly and it was a refreshing dish. 3/5

We also tried the Carbonara (S$21). The pasta was cooked just right but I did not like the thicker sauce as there was cream (which apparently is what Singaporeans like, but not the proper way to make a Carbonara - chef said I can request without, which is what I'll probably do next time!). 3/5

Photo credit: Stellina

The star of the night was this unassuming electric oven fired Signature Famous Burrata Pizza (S$36) which had generous chunks of Michelin-grade burrata (available ala carte), tomatoes and premium aged sliced parma ham on a thin, just-right crust that isn't too hard nor burnt. 

I appreciate the textures on this pizza a lot! Would totally recommend getting a pizza and a Valpolicella and sitting by the river to enjoy them 4.5/5

LIT has a lot of potential if you pick the right dishes and wine, and place to sit. I'll definitely still recommend them if you're in the Boat Quay area though because this is a Singaporean owned establishment that by no mean feat opened during these challenging times. #supportfnbsg !

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65 Boat Quay, Singapore 049853
Mondays to Saturdays 4pm-10.30pm
Closed on Sundays
Reservations on Chope or Quandoo

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