Home cafe review: Otis Oat Milk from NZ here in Singapore is a great eco milk alternative

I find dairy to be increasingly problematic as I grew up. I've no issues with its taste - its more about what happens to my body and what happens to the cows and calves that I increasingly can't stomach. I find my body reacting to it as an inflammatory ingredient (break out, bloating) so I have tried to cut down on it. And part of the reason it is so easy for me to switch is also because there are so many new plant-based milk now like oat and almond, on top of good old alternatives like soy. For oat milk, I've had the OG Oatly quite a few times in the past, plus the non-remarkable Minor Figures and recently tried the new Oatside (which I was pleasantly surprised by). Then there's the Otis Oat Milk sent to me by exclusive distributor Jewel Coffee, together with their Gemma Capsule Coffee Machine and capsules (I blogged about their subscription plan, check it out here). 

There are 3 types of Otis oat milk - Everyday (S$6.70/ea), Barista (S$6.95/ea) and the newly released Chocolate (S$5.33/ea on sale now!) and they can be purchased on Jewel Coffee's website or in all good supermarkets like FairPrice or Redmart. Spoiler alert - my favourite is the Chocolate version.

I first tried the Otis Everyday version, which I wanted to compare to Oatside's since I got their "plain" version recently as well. The first thought was how it tasted much more thin compared to the incredibly 'creamy' Oatside, but at the same time, the oat flavour was much more pronounced in a good way. 

I quite like their packaging as well, and they talk about how oat m!lk is better for the environment. I agree that it can be a sustainable alternative, though I'm sure we shouldn't think the switch entirely from cow's milk to oat m!lk is 100% good because oats themselves also have some issues. More importantly is how the oats are grown (in NZ!) and sowed, and not them being oats alone. 

Still, as an alternative, oats are definitely welcome to help supplement the traditional cow's milk industry and save the lactose intolerants too. I love the way the copy is written on the carton as well.

I wanted to see what's the difference between the ingredients, and looked at their list vs Oatside's. Again I was quite surprised that oats themselves take up only 10-11% of the total ingredients for both, but Otis has added minerals and vitamins (yay!) and has less calories (46 cal/100ml) than Oatly Barista (59cal/100ml) and Oatside (65 cal/100ml).

Here is Oatside's. As you can see there's just water and 10% Australian oats followed by canola oil and acidity regular, calcium carbonate and salt. No vitamins. So this tastes thicker but its probably just due to the type of oats (don't think rapeseed or canola oil makes much of a diff?).

I also tried the Otis Barista oat milk. To be honest I couldn't really taste much of a difference between them but that's probably cos my tastebuds aren't that sensitive. Perhaps there is a slight difference in thickness, the Barista one being a tad more creamy? I'm not sure... :P

Ingredients are the same though but there's 13 more calories per 100ml (same as Oatly Barista).

My favourite though like I said has to be the newly launched Otis Chocolate oat milk with cocoa! I suspect it's because of the added 2.5% beet sugar and 1.2% cocoa, hehe. But that also means it is the most calorific at 72 cal/100ml of their 3 variants, but compared to Oatside's 82cal/100ml we're still lower.

Yum! Tastes like nutty chocolate milk and I'm here for it. You guys should also try it out with the current reduced price (S$32 for 6 + estimated $6.50 for shipping, which works out to be S$6.42 per carton versus $6.95 in FairPrice) by visiting Jewel Coffee's website now!

As bonus you can use my code ALEXIS8 to enjoy a single-use per customer 8% discount storewide online at www.jewelcoffee.com, excluding promotional items, subscriptions, and gift vouchers until 30 September 2022!

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