Ice Cream Review: O Happi Place at 5 Everton Park, #01-22, Singapore 080005

Oh happy days indeed whenever a new ice cream cafe opens up! Tucked in the trendy neighbourhood of Everton Park, this one's called O Happi Place and its the love child of my ex-boss and mentor, Jeff and his wife and birthed during the pandemic itself. With crisis there's opportunity, and what a good one this is for all our tastebuds and tummies! The cafe itself is really beautifully designed with an art deco style and a pink and gold colour scheme - see more pics on their website here


Here's the menu with the tubs of house-made ice cream below that made decision-making super tough. 

One of the highlights of the place is also the myriad of plants that Jeff has invested so much in (not just money but time and effort to take care of them). They really do give the place a differentiated vibe.

The flavours we tried were all really unique but works so well. For example, Ju Pu is one of their premium and signature ice cream, made with chrysanthemum and pu'er tea. You can really taste the premium-ness of the ingredients behind the ice cream. We've also tried Kopi-C and it tasted really like one, and also had the somewhat classic Lychee Rose Raspberry. There are other flavours like ondeh-ondeh and black sesame which I would like to go back to try next.

We also sampled with the free tiny cone a small scoop of Yellow Capsicum ice cream which was an experimental flavour.. and wow it really tasted like the bell pepper with a slightly spicy kick. 

And check out their toilet! It's such a treat to find these well-designed places.

Anyway, I'll highly recommend for you guys to go check out O Happi Place if you are even remotely near the area for a few scoops of happiness!

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O Happi Place
5 Everton Park #01-22, Singapore 080005
Tuesdays to Sundays 12.30pm-9pm
Closed on Mondays

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