Omakase Review: small's breadmakase at 115 King George's Ave #02-02, Singapore 208561

We managed to get seats after booking 1.5 months ahead at Bjorn Shen's newest brainchild, small's in March for their breadmakase experience with a bunch of foodies. It's called a breadmakase because it combines different bread with sushi for a 2 snack, 13-course 2 hour dining experience for $180++. The price tag might be a bit hefty, but I will unequivocally recommend it because it was worth every penny.

Here was the menu in March. First though, you need to find the speakeasy restaurant, tucked on the second floor of a non-descript and un-signed building. You can also refer to my TikTok video to see it!

Look for this door in the back alley of King George's Ave, and go up the stairs.

This is the door, push it to open and you will find a cool joint with neon lights and a square bar table surround the team (again, watch the TikTok video to see!).

Here's the gang. I'm glad we like going out on foodie adventures!

And here's a non-exhaustive collage of the breadmakase items. Every bite was a gastronomical discovery of flavours, textures and depth when it comes to mixing seafood with all types of bread - not just sourdough but includes things like prata. That's the amazing part. One of my favourites was shaved frozen monkfish. Also not captured, but there's this donut thing for dessert as well which was so fun to slam it into your mouth after Chef Bjorn shaves the truffles on it.


And for posterity sake, here's our bill. I've never see or held a $1k bill before until now! But like I said, it was worth every penny for what we had and experienced. I will highly recommend you guys make a booking for it since it's a 10+ seater and it's not open every day!

If you are a fan of bread and sushi, MAKE A BOOKING NOW. 'ENUFF SAID.

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115 King George's Ave #02-02, Singapore 208561
Wednesdays to Saturdays dinner, 6pm or 8pm

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