Restaurant Review: Franco-Asian Food at The Masses, 85 Beach Rd #01-02, Singapore 189694

I've been wanting to try The Masses ever since I watched them on a food show on YouTube, and finally got the chance in March when I was meeting up with some ex-colleagues turned friends somewhere central!  TBH a bit apprehensive suggesting a Franco-Asian place (because fusion food can sometimes go quite wrong) and one that was on YouTube, but hey if you don't try you don't know. The place is a nice cosy restaurant tucked along Beach Road, with adequate sound proofing so voices don't bounce off walls and no food smell at all, which I like. It makes staying and drinking while chatting so much more enjoyable.

Here's their menu PDF (was slightly updated for June 2022 than when I went in March). Prices are slightly steep but then again you're paying for a lot of things of which all have gone up in cost. 

We first started off with some petit brioche (S$4.50) and Umami Butter and Homemade Caramel Kaya mix (S$3.50), which looked simple but was quite divine in their simplicity and use of fats to present the perfect accessory to the soft fluffy bread. 4/5 We also got a nice bottle of malbec to share amongst the 3 of us.

Then I said, we need to try their C&C&C&C Pasta (S$24.90 for main).  It's called such because of the crabmeat, chorizo, caviar and confit lemon that's in a lobster sauce and served cold. It was really quite shiok. The umami combination deserves an A, not a C! 4/5

Tickled, we decided to also get their Purple Cabbage (S$17.90) which sounds really plain, but came garnished with scallop, ikura, green oil, dashi beurre blanc and prawn head butter. Well I mean, when you bring in the big guns in the form of prawn heads, there's no way this wouldn't taste good. 4.5/5

We also tried this unfathomable Pork & Foie Gras Pithivier (S$21.90). The name doesn't say much but it's actually just a fancy name for a filled pie. Other than the delicious pork and foie gras, there was also granny smith apple, chestnut and cherry vinaigrette which works to cut through the richness of the foie. I think this might have been in the top 2 of the night! 4.5/5

We also got the classic Duck Confit (S$21.90) featuring “Wok Hey” rice noodles, mushroom, home-cured egg yolk and plum vinaigrette. TBH this was just alright - the noodles were a great addition but did not particularly have much of a wok-hey. I think we all appreciated the sprinkling of egg yolk though and the soft duck meat! 3.5/5

Lastly, we got the Wild Caught Lemon Sole 500/600g (S$39.90) made with Asian grenobloise, salted vegetables, almonds, mala chye poh and brown butter, because.. why not. TBH this one.. I'm not hot about mostly because I have a fear of bones in fish and that affected my enjoyment of the very fresh fish. The fish meat itself was also kind of plain and a little tough compared to the ones we'll have steamed with ginger and salted plum. 3/5

Anyway, despite the last 2 dishes I'll say The Masses made a really strong impression with their starters, pasta and service. The wine selection was also quite good and overall the dining experience was the right level of intimate accentuated with pops of wonderous food. Definitely would recommend!

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The Masses
86 Beach Road, #01-02, Singapore 189694
Daily 12.30-3pm, 5.30-9.30pm (except 9pm on Sundays)

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