Yakiniku Review: Heijoen at 100AM, 100 Tras St #03-11, Singapore 079027

I fell in love with yakiniku when I went to Japan in 2019 and saw snow for the first time, and also really experienced what a real grilled meat experience was like with good quality wagyu. So when I came back to Singapore I searched around for a yakiniku place, and found that this Heijoen which comes from Japan, was highly recommended. So I went with my friend to try it earlier this year at 100AM mall, which has a lot of other Japanese eateries as well! 

There was a bunch of buffet menus which I am putting on here in case you eat a lot and want to get your money's worth. I don't think we can, so we opted for ala carte!

There's also a super worth it lunch menu if you visit during lunch (which we did). So we got one of the sets, I think the Heijoen Kalbi Set (S$24.90) which comes with A5 Wagyu. 

There's a pretty extensive meat menu, and there's also other Japanese-Korean dishes like japchae and kimchi available. We got some salted beef tongue (my friend likes it!).

So here's our meats! We also got some Japanese rice to go along. I must say, the marbling looked really beautiful and visually it was already a feast.

We grilled the meat slowly and had a delicious time savouring the high quality wagyu. Because we enjoyed it so much, I felt like its my duty to blog about the place, which I have been recommending to others! I think it is a really good representation of yakiniku which you all can go try out.

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100AM, 100 Tras St #03-11, Singapore 079027
Daily 11am to 3pm, 6-10pm (5.30pm on Sat/Sun)

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