Food review: Royal Cuisine Seafood Shellout for 10 pax delivery in Singapore

I'm glad things are slowly returning to normal in Singapore, especially when it comes to group gatherings without capacity! I recently had a friend's birthday and it was just nice that Royal Cuisine Group reached out to ask if I would like to try their Royal Cuisine Seafood Shellout ($218 excl. GST & delivery) feast for 10 pax. It was a perfect opportunity, and I occasionally have chilli crab cravings (especially when I see YouTubers visit Singapore and try them out), so I of course said yes to the chance to try it!

The delivery was right on time at 6pm for our party in my friend's condo function room. There was two stacked aluminium trays like the photo below and the food was still warm when it arrived. The only downside was the packaging as it came in a cardboard box which got soggy, as the containers were too full of chilli crab sauce and some of it spilled out. I think it would have been better if they separated the sauce, and maybe split the seafood into 3 trays carried in a plastic-lined bag or box! It was a good thing we also brought our own table liner and cutlery/gloves so we could eat the seafood on the table.

This was what's in the feast -- 1.5kg of Mud crab (we had 2 crabs, one per container), 1kg of scallops, clams, tiger prawns, blue mussels, 800g of salmon belly, potatoes, corn on the cob and chicken chipolata sausages. That's minimally 6.3kg + all the non weighed items. No wonder delivery is not like $5. You can also choose between a variety of sauces: Chilli Crab, Cajun, Spicy Cajun, Black Pepper and Salted Egg. 

We had the chilli crab sauce, which was a medium type of spice (kids definitely can't take it, do note)! I can still take it but the heat builds up after a while so I surrendered, but I liked the taste of the sauce very much (was wishing for some rice or mantou halfway through). There was so much ingredients too and by freshness and taste I'll say the crab was the star, followed by the tiger prawns (so good!), mussels, clams and scallops. The salmon was slightly overcooked for me (probably since the sauce is in there), and the chicken chipolata sausages could have been less processed. I enjoyed the potatoes and corn too, which was a good accompaniment to the sauce!

Shout out to the chef for this enjoyable creation! It was an overall pleasant feast that me and my friends enjoyed, and if my feedback on the packaging could be incorporated I think this is a great option for any gathering of 10 pax and above to have some quality seafood for a really good price. You can visit their website to check it out here.

Thanks to Royal Cuisine Group for sending this feast over to us!

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