Food Review: Nothing But Cheese Burger NBCB at #04-23 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896

I'm on a hunt for the best burgers in Singapore and that brought me to NBCB, a relatively new player in the "craft" burger space which had to contend with big bois like Shake Shack and Five Guys.  The name is a cheeky nod to a vulgarity in Singapore but it also stands for Nothing But Cheese Burger, because they really just specialises in that. After Omakase Burger gave way (still the closest to In-N-Out IMO!), there was a vacuum. I did try BurgerLabo and found it decent, though it was quite pricey and more importantly, inaccessible. So when I heard of NBCB I knew I had to go give it a try on a random weekday evening. It was situated on L4 of the monolithic Orchard Central but I just followed my nose and found it occupying quite a comfortable (and airy) space in the mall.

Here's the really simple menu. Apparently the founder, Tommy (whom I follow on TikTok cos he's so opinionated and hilarious) started this joint in Feb 2022 because his homemade burgers for his wife's pregnancy cravings were so good. And I'm so glad that happened because the burger was really good!

I got the NBCB (S$11.90) with a side of fries and drink (S$+4 +1 truffle mayo). The beef patty was coated with a melty layer of cheese, tomato and lettuce. Shout out to the truffle mayo dip and fries because they were SO DARN GOOD my eyes just went 👀 at tasting it. No joke it was almost if not better than the burger. I would travel down just for those! 

The burger itself was satisfyingly juicy with a medium rare beef patty (the only done-ness, really). Just look at this cross-section. The bun was also soft and buttery, but the star was the thicc patty which I wished could be just a tad saltier. But that's me nitpicking (less salt is healthier anyway!). It was just such a solid classic burger. 

I would totally recommend NBCB if anyone's looking for a good burger in town that is not commercialised nor a chain. Support local, amiright? And you MUST get the truffle mayo fries too!

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Orchard Central #04-23, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Daily 11am to 3pm, 5pm to 9pm (go latest by 7.45-8pm if you don't want it to be sold out!)
Walk-ins only

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