Sichuan Food Review: Chef China 华厨 at 101 Beach Road, Singapore 189703

I was invited to try out Singapore's first space-themed Sichuan restaurant called Chef China 华厨 at 101 Beach Road building recently. The restaurant (est. Jan 2022) offers Sichuan cuisine in a space that is out of this world (puns intended) and it is definitely a conversation starter! The theme is not just limited to the wall lightboxes as well - there are a few astronauts dotting the place as well. The entrance's quite eye catching if I can say so!

The interior is light and airy with ventilation from the main door and side windows so you don't smell AS MUCH after the meal. I said as much, because it will be inevitable to have some of the grilled and spicy food smell on you irregardless. Apparently it can get quite crowded during Fri/Sat nights so do make a reservation! Otherwise weekday lunch time (when I visited) is pretty alright.

Took a selfie with a rocket man! 

Here's the menu which I took from their Facebook Page. Me and my friend sampled a selection of their signature dishes and also had 3 types of skewers.

It was super value for money by the way. The Grilled Beef Tendon for example is $1.50/stick but if you would see the amount of meat on a stick here! We had the Chicken, Pork Belly and Beef Tendon skewers.

The skewers were grilled to perfection and kept warm on a small burner with tea lights underneath. As you can see they are marinated and spiced with the classic Dongbei/Sichuan spices which gives it a fiery red colour. They were well-spiced, not spicy, and so juicy and tender, especially the beef one! I did not expect it to melt in my mouth. 4/5

We also tried the Saliva Chicken 口水鸡 (S$9.80), which is steamed chicken with chili sauce and a cold dish. This was probably the least impressive dish of the lot but still very good with the super tender chicken in a sauce that wasn't overly salty or spicy. I saw on TikTok some Chinese guy said that this is his favourite Saliva Chicken in Singapore. Definitely makes one salivate! 3.5/5

Then, something that is different again - a heart-shaped hotpot! The handles are an arrow going through the heart! HAha. Definitely super interesting that adds to the dining experience. Here it is filled with the broth for the Fish with Green Pepper Soup ($32.80) where you can request for different spiciness levels. I think ours is probably mild.

The 2 portions of fish were served with some veggies on top of dry ice, which was quite a dramatic presentation as well. That aside, the actual quality of the fish was also superb - I've never had such smooth fish that glides down my throat! This Fish With Green Pepper Soup I think is a must order if there's 2 or more pax. 4.5/5

We also tried the Teppan Farm Spoon Soft Tofu (S$15.80), which came on a sizzling hotplate. So much sights smells and sounds! This was delicious as well with the lightly fried tofu exterior and meat sauce coupled with the silky smooth interior. What I realised halfway through the tasting was that everything was so well-seasoned, contrary to typical Chinese cuisine which can be overly salty and MSG-ed. Here they use it with a balanced hand to bring out the natural flavours of their ingredients, and that's what surprised me the most! 4/5

Last but not least, special mention and shoutout to the Grilled Mutton Ribs (S$17.80) served on a pipa (instrument) shaped plate. The ribs were fall-off-bone tender and again spiced on the outside with that delectable Sichuan rub with the incredible spices that complemented the strong taste of the mutton. I'd say its strong but not gamey at all which is my greatest fear when trying mutton. This is again another must-try dish! 4.5/5

Chef China really surprised me with its quality of ingredients and the level of cooking which mastered the balance of spice vs flavours so well. If you are looking for a good Sichuan restaurant with BBQ skewers and Sichuan hotpot, give them a try for I think you will be pleasantly delighted as well! I did a TikTok too - watch it!

@alexis.cheong Everything was so delicately spiced and fresh, not overly salty! invited tasting but will 💯 recommend. #hotpot #skewers #mutton #sgfoodreview #chefchina #foodblogger ♬ Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) - Remastered - Elton John

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Chef China
101 Beach Road, Singapore 189703
Daily 11am to 3am
Reservations via Quandoo

Thanks to Chef China for the invite!

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