Updated step-by-step guide: How to get $35 FairPrice vouchers with Trust Bank App

Hi everyone! If you want to get $35 in FairPrice vouchers for both online or offline spend with no minimum spend, read on. I did it yesterday and thought I'll share this good deal with you all. 

This is updated as of September 2023.

The steps to achieve that is slightly complicated, but concretely worth it if you are a Singaporean who loves a good deal (who doesn't?). What's more, Trust Bank is a digital bank by Stan Chart and NTUC Group so there's going to be loads of benefits and deals in everyday groceries, petrol, kopi, food.. and there isn't a downside to creating an account with a debit card because there are no fees at all (plus it links to your Link points)! This post is NOT sponsored. I just want to share it with everyone.. and also get more vouchers from referral lah.

Here is the step by step guide. 

1. Search and download the Trust Bank app from the App Store.

2. IMPORTANT - this might be missed but at this stage you should enter my referral code to get the $10 FairPrice voucher (online and offline no minimum spend) and one chance to win a Tesla.


That's it! You will find the $10 FairPrice Voucher under the Rewards tab.

Then for $25 more NTUC FairPrice voucher, you have to set up a Savings Account using myinfo and deposit $500 OR apply for a credit card (very seamless! No fees). Steps below.

Savings account deposit $500 

1. In your Trust app home, tap the down arrow on the Money tab of the app.

5. Under the Deposit section, tap on the 3 dots beside the 0.00

6. Copy or write down your Trust account number and bank name

7. Open your DBS/POSB app (OCBC takes 24h to approve new payee) and go to Add Local Recipient.

8. Select Bank Account and add your Trust account number and bank name

9. Verify adding payee and once done, transfer $500 to your Trust account. 

10. You should get the $25 FairPrice e-voucher credited to your Rewards tab for one-time use.

For credit card, you need to make a transaction.

1. Follow the steps to apply for a credit card once you set up the Savings account. 

2. Go to the Trust app under Money section and go to the View and manage credit card section, tap on the right arrow. 

3. Tap on Card Details and copy your card number and remember the expiry date and CVV

4. Open your Grab app and tap on the Finance section on the bottom navigation bar

5. Tap on the gear icon of the top right corner

6. Tap on All Payment Methods > Add Payment Method

7. Select credit/debit card and enter your Trust credit card number, expiry and CVV. Wait for it to deduct $1.

8. Trust app will notify you that $1 has been deducted and refunded. Your balance remains $1. You are done!

To redeem or view your vouchers, open the Trust app, select the home (top left house icon) and tap the up arrow beside Rewards. Tap on Coupons tab and the right arrow of My Coupons. All vouchers you have will be there including $25 first transaction + $10 referral FairPrice e-voucher for online or in-store redemption. 

Hope you find this guide useful, and share it with your friends and family too ok! 

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