Cocktail Bar Review: The Bar Kakure at 29 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228224

Nestled on the second floor of a black and white bungalow and Ki-Sho restaurant along Scotts Road sits The Bar Kakure, a boutique bar hideaway that serves up authentic Japanese cocktails and bites. Being a very small space, they are reservation-only but we managed to get seats for my birthday, so off we went!

The bar's really just 8? seats along the counter with maybe 1 or 2 side tables after they led us upstairs. I believe a password or code of sorts was uttered. In any case, here's my birthday drink, called Beauty and the Beast (S$28++ ouch) made with Pink Grapefruit Vodka, Cointreau, Rose Syrup and Lemon Juice.

(Swipe to 2nd pic to see the video)

Here are the food and cocktail menu snippets from their website.

We also ordered some food to share among the 3 of us, including this Mini Luxurious Chirashi Don (S$52) that was probably prepared from Ki-Sho. So it's a two in one tasting. It really did taste really luxurious so I get the price tag... 4/5

There's also the Cheese Platter (S$42). Which erm, was a combination of different textured and flavoured cheeses.. A little bit much to be honest, very stark in contrast to normal food! Won't really recommend this unless you're a cheese fan. 3/5

The Mini Omi Wagyu Curry Rice (S$32) was great but the amount of rice to curry ratio is a bit off, heh. It was delicious in that setting, having cocktails and morsels of exquisite dishes. 4/5

We got another drink since it looked so refreshing - the Fresh Fruit Cocktail (price from $32-38). I think this was melon? The strawberries one also looked really good so we got that. Would recommend if you want something fruity! 

Here's the merry trio. Thanks guys for celebrating my birthday with awesome cocktails and food!

Reserve The Bar Kakure for special occasions and don't think or look too much at the prices if you want to enjoy the experience. It's all about that over anything else anyway!

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The Bar Kakure
Level 2, 29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224
Mondays to Saturdays 6pm to 1am, closed on Sundays
Reservations online

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