Canggu Bali Itinerary: Where to eat, drink and watch sunsets in 2022

If you're looking for the best area to go in Bali this year or next, it has to be Canggu or Pererenan. After spending one month working from Bali this October, specifically in those 2 adjacent areas that is just 15-30 minutes north of Seminyak (and some way away from Ubud), I've chalked up a decent amount of restaurants, cafes and co-working spaces to recommend you in this post. 

As you can see in the map below (and no, the spots pinned in the map are not the exhaustive list of where to eat, drink and watch sunsets in Canggu or Pererenan), the area outlined in red is Canggu and it basically stretches from Echo Beach where you will find one of the best surf spots on the island of the Gods - up to the rice fields past the horizontal Tanah Lot main road. 

Here's an interactive map which you can click on and view

Map thanks to Wanderlog, a trip planner app on iOS and Android

My understanding was during the pandemic, all the digital nomads and foreigners basically stayed in and propped up Canggu while young tourist-heavy areas like Seminyak shut down. Kuta of course, which was further down south, also bore the brunt of the pandemic. Now I am sure those 2 areas are also coming back to life, but Canggu has never stopped and in fact probably roared even more with vitality because.. well two things - traffic jams and construction have been non-stop.

Anyway, here's my list. If I were to describe every single one, it will take me another month, so what I'll do is rate the place upon 5 stars based on food, price, service, ambiance. Just do a simple Google search for its location and pin it on your own map.


Cafes for brunch/lunch

Ruko Cafe. 3.5/5

BAKED. 3/5


Burger Brothers - Berawa 4/5 (cheap, fast, good)

Pho Thin Berawa 3.5/5

Good coffee

Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster 4.5/5 (super good sweet sour chicken with rice, and champion coffee)


Milu by Nook 4/5 (huge menu of international cuisine, ricefield view)

Mosto Natural Wine Bar (not tried)

Sababa 4.5/5 (Middle Eastern Cuisine)

Gabbi (not tried)


The Shady Pig 3.5/5 (house music gets a small dancefloor going)

Club Soda Canggu 3.5/5

Behind the Green Door speakeasy (not been)

Beach clubs

Finns Beach Club 3.5/5 (book online for cheaper rates, ex w/o membership in first place but partying people and views are great)

Atlas Beach Fest (not been)

Co-working spaces

Finn’s Recreation Club 3/5 (ergonomic chairs but v. small A/C room)

The Outpost 3.5/5 (free trial on Mondays, super good location and ergo chairs, small aircon room. can order drinks upstairs and there's a pool downstairs.)

Canggu Central

Cafes for brunch/lunch

Bagels. 5/5 (a bit far but must go try.)

Doppio Café 2.5/5 (coffee not great)

The Avocado Factory 3.5/5 (slow service)

Cafe Daun 4.5/5 (super value for money big portions, friendly folks)

Cafe Coach 4/5 (great brunch and coffee, co-working friendly)

Sensorium 4/5 (interesting cuisine but prepare to Q if no reso)

Koast Café 4/5 (comes with a pool, outdoor huts but co-working friendly)

Revolver 3/5 (outgrown the coffee there but their dark roasts are strong)

Miel Coffee Canggu 4/5 (lovely aesthetics)

Dough Darlings Canggu 4/5 (strong aircon and yummy doughnuts)


Naked Bun 4/5

ZIN Cafe 3/5 (touted as co-working cafe but wifi not good. chicken bowl was so good though.)

The Fat Mermaid 3/5 (has drinks/dinner too)

Pali 5/5 (superb local Indonesian food)

Varuna Warung 5/5 (nasi campur the best in Canggu)

Good coffee

BGS 5/5 (best! top! win!)

Blacklist Coffee Roasters 4/5 (non-local beans, quite ex)

Machinery Canggu 4/5 (decent cuppa, smoothie bowl)

Rise & Shine Cafe 4/5 (also very smooth coffee but busy space)


Lacalita 4/5 (authentic Mexican food/drinks)

Moana Fish Eatery 4/5

Bottega Italiana Batu Bolong 4/5 (10-seater, suggest WhatsApp to reserve)

TYGR sushi and rolls 3.5/5 (nothing mind-blowing but hits the Asian salty spot)

Alma Tapas Bar 3.5/5 (check Chope for deals)

SKOOL Kitchen 3.5/5 (fancy resto beside The Lawn, very pricey but cater to foreigners. chicken is their best dish not the beef.)

Smoke Bali 4/5 (great ambiance and roast pork. no bbq ribs though)

Luma (not tried), Segno cocktail bar above (not tried)

Sa’ Mesa (not tried, need big group)


MASON. 3.5/5 (speakeasy at the back)

The Mailroom (not tried)

Beach clubs

The Lawn 3/5 (no more lawn, all concrete, deck chairs)

La Brisa 4.5/5 (best spot in Canggu for sunset)

Co-working spaces

Tropical Nomad Co-working Space 4.5/5 (best one I've tried with great chairs, big space and air con / non-air con room. Except gotta pay for day pass S$17. There's a cafe beside for food/coffee or you can walk out or order in.)

Genesis Creative Centre 3.5/5 (small aircon room, very fast wifi but no food options)

B Work Bali (not tried)

Dojo Bali Coworking (not tried)

Supermarket to buy all your granola, beer, fruits and Indo snacks

Pepito’s near TYGR

Frestive (opposite each other)


Cafés for brunch/lunch

Sinamon Pererenan 4/5 (cinnamon rolls and drinks, newly opened)

Touché 3.5/5 (souffle pancakes)

Brunch Club Pererenan 3.5/5 (famous for porncakes. warm service)

RiZE Café 5/5 (my fav cafe in all of Bali - pancakes, chai and Indian dosai)

Baked. 4/5 (scrambled eggs and sourdough combi is hard to beat)

Honey, 3.5/5 (decent co-working space but food/drinks/service is very average)

Woods Pererenan 4/5 (super awesome ambiance)

Mossa Garden & Eatery 4/5 (not tried food only coffee but has awesome rice field view)


Wasabi Restaurant and Hotel 4/5 (sushi buffet actually quite VFM. hotel's great for a stay too if you can get it).

ZALI 3.5/5 (decent Lebanese food and good wine)

Gola pizza 4.5/5 (super authentic, Italian chef with pizza oven)

555 Thai 3/5 (nice decor but not great value for tom yam soup)

Tony’s New York Pizza 4/5 (slightly out of the way but worth the trip for the authentic NY slice experience)

Shelter Restaurant 4/5 (great service and food)

Soogi Roll 4/5 (only Korean restaurant in town, and pretty decent kimchi stew and KFC).

Co-working spaces

Tribal 4/5 (just need to make minimum order but there's decent food and coffee. there's also a pool.)

That's it! Sharing a collection of photos (just the tip below for your reference)

Sababa is a must-try.

Best place for coffee and alfajores!

Tony's NY Pizza

Cafe Coach is a great place to get aircon and some work done with good food.

ZIN Cafe has quite slow wifi but nice space

ZIN Cafe chicken bowl was so simple but GOOD

Lacalita Mexican! Very fun vibes

Burger Brothers - classic.

Avocado Factory brunch food was typical, also very very slow.

I got Hungry Bird coffee and oats delivered for a poolside morning.

Varuna Warung is the best place for nasi campur in Canggu.

Best dish of the night at SKOOL - the chicken.

Mila by Nook was great for international cuisine.

Pho Thin

Finn's Beach Club was eye opening.

Bottega Italiana has several branches in Bali. All can be depended on for good pasta.

Cafe Ruko was alright.

Hungry Bird's chicken dish was worth crossing the Canggu Shortcut on foot!

The Lawn.. only has a beachside pool and concrete.

The Lawn's a pretty good place for sunset though.

The Shady Pig.. pricey cocktails but good experience.

Super VFM Cafe Daun with delish and big breakfasts

Honey, was ok but their food was as cold as their service.

Wasabi Hotel has jap buffet and some fun items on the menu. Plus the staff there are super nice!

Sinamon roll. Indulgent.

Mossa Garden and Eatery's alfresco view is so good.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters

Green Guru Smoothie Bowls - HUGE.

Tribal Coworking and Living Space. Decent but no ergo chairs.

Tribal's long black was my fuel of choice.

Really healthy bowls too. 

Shelter restaurant. Open fire and grill.

Shelter's food was so good and well-priced.

Baked. has good coffee and eggs.

The eggs are really so so sinfully good.

The Woods Pererenan

Duck egg pistachio cacio e pepe - can get a bit jerlak but interesting execution. 

555 Thai now relocated to Pererenan.

it was like 9 bucks sgd for tom yam soup with 5 tiny prawns.

Had eggs and hash at Brunch Club Pererenan!

But they are famous for their Porncakes - which is 2 ginormous fluffy souffle pancakes.

Machinery Cafe coffee was pretty smooth, like their bowls.

Bottega Italiana (Pererenan branch)

Cafe Koast - great view, pool but no good chairs or any aircon

Pali has the best rice field views 

And really really good indonesian food. different from Varuna Warung, this is more formal.

Soogi Roll is a Korean resto near my hotel that I went a few times cos i didn't know what to eat.

ZALI has lebanese food. Pretty good.

Rise and Shine cafe latte was good but there's a line to sit and the place's pretty busy.

Sensorium had me queuing in the heat for 40m and it was a mess trying to get in. The food's good though - small menu you just have to deal with fusion before dinner time. 

Packed with not just foreigners but locals/Indos too!

I went to a corner Italian restaurant called Tappo Seafood Resto and Wine Bar. They fished that crab out for me and made it into pasta. Kinda incredible. The chef/cook was also this really nice uncle. 
Finally - my favourite cafe in all of Bali had to be Rize cafe at Pererenan. The pancakes were incredible, so was the chai and Indian inspired brunch.

Including this dosai with spiced scrambled egg thing. 

Gola Pizza's super authentic.

Touché cafe

Souffle pancakes also.

Pererenan Beach - VERY underdeveloped and not that nice now.

Went to Smoke Bali for some roast pork and bread.
Great place for lunch/evening gatherings.

La Brisa's still the best for ocean views and drinks.

Last sunset of October for me.

Nasi Campur at Made's Warung inside the international departure airport was a ritual I am glad to be able to continue as they were shut during the pandemic and now open. 

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