New Food Review: Polar Puffs and Cakes' Fruity Fluffy Rolls in Singapore!

Swiss roll fans anyone? Me for one, loves me some of that unconventional "cake" which literally had the creator think out of the box and roll with it. That's why I was immediately interested when Polar Puffs and Cakes asked if they can send me their latest Fruity Fluffy Rolls in 3 exotic flavours based off their signature sugar rolls. The flavours are (from left to right below): Lychee Rose, Golden Mango and Tropical Pink Guava. I thought for sure my favourite would be lychee rose as well, but I was pleasantly surprised by the other 2. 

Available in all Polar outlets as a roll (S$8.50/roll promo price until 28 Feb) or slices, or online, I would imagine them to be a special and well-liked dessert (for both young and old) to bring to any home party or gathering. I say that because the fruity fluffy rolls are NOT TOO SWEET. I really do appreciate the light hand in using sugar. I was also very surprised to cut into the rolls and discover a fruit jam center amidst the super light whipped cream. Real fruit's used in all 3 jams, and the mango one was even a little tart in the way mango can be, which was so refreshing. 4/5. The lychee rose had floral rose flavours and lychee bits in there for tiny flavour explosion 3.5/5 

The tropical guava one was the one I was most suspicious of, since it is not that often that guava's used as a flavouring, but I was so surprised to taste real guava in the pink guava jam with guava bits. It worked really well, and its probably our favourite flavour! 4.5/5

In any case, words can only do so much, so if you are a fan of fluffy swiss rolls with fruit flavours, just buy some and try it for yourself! To help you try them out, the team also has some special promotions available from now till 28 February 2023:
  1. Get the 3 slices variety pack for $4.50 (U.P. $5.40) only at retail outlets
  2. Half-half roll (choice of any two flavours in a roll) for $8.50 (U.P. $9) only for retail outlets
  3. Get the whole roll for $8.50 (U.P. $9) online and in stores
What's more, after the promos above have ended, Polaris members can still enjoy 10% off the fruity fluffy rolls at their usual price (membership is free, simply sign up by creating an account on their site).

The fruity fluffy rolls will also be available in party boxes in Feb, perfect for events and gatherings. Here's a tiktok of me and a few colleagues' reactions when we tried it.

Thank you Polar Puffs & Cakes for sending me the rolls!

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