Fraudulent bank charge PSA: Microsoft Store Singapore SG 14.80 charge

Back in Singapore after a great 5D4N trip to Taiwan and the first thing I got the following morning was an OCBC app notification that my credit card's been charged $14.80 by Microsoft Store Singapore SG. TLDR, it is a fraud and you've got to cancel your card before more charges are incurred. 

I called my OCBC hotline (sped thru the menu since it is to report a fresh fraudulent charge that is not reflecting on my online banking app yet) and the guy informed me that he will first block my card, then proceed to cancel and send me a replacement while they investigate. Initially I was like err wait maybe since it's ok since its pending and I have so many darn billing tied to the CC but he said it was not advisable because it could be the start of an attack. I guess.. so if you are here after googling "Microsoft store 14.80", congrats you have to cancel your credit card and I guess you can just do it via the app or online instead of waiting to call in. 

Anyway I thought it was some legit Microsoft store charge at first and checked through the multiple MS accounts that I have one by one, and I don't have any payment methods tied to it. I then googled, which was when I realised a lot of people were googling it too because it shows up on autocomplete BUT THERE ARE NO ANSWERS except unhelpful ones from Microsoft telling you to check your subscriptions. Hello banks.. please publish these things somewhere...

Anyway. I posted about the incidence on IG Stories still thinking maybe it was not a fraudulent charge, but 2 people replied and confirmed they had it too and the other one was from Google. 

These fraudsters probably try to use a legit merchant to try the transaction and if it went through they can start to hack your card. Well I'm glad it was only $14.80 at the very least and it seems like OCBC will return me once they stopped the transaction! Thanks guys for being so on the ball and vigilant once contacted. So if this has happened to you to just cancel your card and move on. That's all for the PSA - feel free to share it if you think it is useful!

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