Sustainable Lifestyle Product Review: Recover Soaps eco-friendly cleaning products from Singapore

If you are looking for plant-based, sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products in Singapore that does not harm your body, your home nor the planet, check out Recover Soaps. I first knew of and reviewed them in their previous iteration called Eco Soaps, but they have since undergone a packaging and brand refresh and they looked so good! Mostly made in the region, Recover Soaps has a range of cleaning products that include not just chemical-free hand soap flakes but also laundry sheets, multi-purpose cleaning sheets and dishwashing bars. 

Here's their Detox Your Home starter/standard kit (S$35 or $55) which has everything you want for a greener kitchen and toilet. You can buy it via The Sustainability Project e-shop, and it is such a great CLEAN gift for your friends, family or yourself! Case in point - my sister was suffering from an allergic reaction using commercial dish soap and had to switch to something else plus wear gloves, and I sent her the kit since she's a mother of twins who love putting things in their mouths and require lots of dish, clothes and surface washing!

The Multi-Purpose Cleaning Sheets in particular are such a genius invention - they are dry, compact sheets that won't take up space in your cleaning closet. Once dissolved in 500ml of water per sheet (you can tear it proportionally for spray bottles), you can use it to mop the floors or spray on surfaces like tables to wipe off. Watch the how to use demo here.

I can't recommend Recover Soaps' products enough! Stop buying commercial grade cleaning products that are full of harmful chemicals and plastic waste. We have better alternatives that cost less in the long run which does the job better! 

Check out now and support local!

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