Product Review: Modori Goodle Knife Set to cut through the clutter!

Those who know me know that I am not great in the kitchen. But over time, necessity has forced me to get in there, chopping and cooking so I can eat the things that I want (ehem, pasta). So I was very pleased when Korean brand Modori reached out again to ask if I'll be interested to review their new Modori Goodle Knife Set. Yes please! I had seen a #choppingchallenge on TikTok and wanted to recreate it (you'll see at the end of this post). And also because I've come to trust the quality cookware and products by Modori and knew these 4 German stainless steel blades won't be any different.

There are 4 knives and a rotating knife holder in the S$248 (now at 20% off promo price) set. Very worth it if you ask me, since good quality knives are not cheap. From left to right, there's the Utility Knife with bigger serrated edge, the most commonly used Chef Knife, a Kitchen Knife for chopping meat and stuff and lastly, the Fruit Knife.

I love how sleek the knives look and they came flat packed into a cardboard box in their own envelope, which I appreciate again because its not bulky to ship or store.

Modori also provided a couple of their beautifully coloured chopping boards for me to attempt the chopping challenge! 

The knife holder itself is quite a marvel with a removable (aka washable) 180-degree base so you can turn the knives around and create a more aesthetic kitchen. And the knives can be safely stored in this to dry after use so you won't accidentally cut yourself reaching for it in a drawer or drying rack!

Here they are in for size comparison to my hand, which is slightly larger than an average person's (I think). They are really comfortable to hold with the squarish waterproof reinforced wooden handle that has a bit of weight and isn't slippery as well. 

I love that Modori's tools are always of high quality yet remain aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. I liken them to the Apple of kitchenware. If you are looking for a set of well-made, lasting knives, do consider the Modori Goodle Knife Set! Visit their website for more info and details.

And now, I'll leave you with my #choppingchallenge video - I was so into it, beads of sweat dotted my brow! How do you think I did?
@alexis.cheong #choppingchallenge using the @modori.official Goodle Knife Set. German blade cuts through easily! the set comes with 4 super sharp knives and a rotating stand. Would recommend for sg folks to check it out. #fyp #cuttingboard #productreview ♬ original sound - Dior Violin🇸🇬

Thank you Modori for sending across the Knife Set and cookware!

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