Food Review: Gyu San Japanese Sando and Charcoal Bar at #01-28 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884

I recently went to try the Gyu San Hamburg Set that went viral on TikTok because you get 2 WAGYU patties and free flow rice and soup at just S$23.80. In Singapore, where things can get crazy expensive, this was unbeatable value. So I made a reservation at Gyu San Charcoal Bar at Forum Shopping Mall to check it out and see if its worth the hype. TLDR, it was.

They served our wagyu patties on a tiny charcoal grill at our table that had ONE glowing charcoal ember to keep them warm, I suppose. A nice touch!

The charcoal bar takes up half of the restaurant. The kitchen team was just busy grilling lots of wagyu patties behind the bar.

Here's the limited one-page menu available at the charcoal bar. It was full when we got there on a weekday at 7.45pm (our reservation was at 7.30pm but we both got a bit lost trying to walk to Forum because Google Maps gave me a really stupid route) and we had to wait about 15 minutes to get seats at a table beside the bar instead of at the bar. I don't mind it though because I don't really want to smell like fatty wagyu smoke. 

With the wagyu patties, they advised us to try one first without the 5 different sauces on its own. Yup, it was as juicy and as flavourful as you would imagine a plain charcoal grilled wagyu patty to be. There was no seasoning at all I believe. 

To go with the patty, there was a salad and free flow Japanese rice and miso soup (which was so good, btw). 

If you are looking for a healthy, delicious and affordable meal comprising of high quality wagyu, try Gyu San Charcoal Bar! I think they also offer other wagyu items at a much higher price point but for me the patties are good enough. 

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Gyu San Japanese Sando and Charcoal Bar
#01-28 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884

Here's my TikTok video of the experience!
@alexis.cheong I visited the one-month old Gyu San at Forum the shopping mall last night! The Wagyu Hamburg set is really basic but good value at just $23.80 for Japanese wagyu. Plus the soup and rice is refillable! Just be sure to make a reservation. 8/10 would recommend. #sgfoodie #foodsg #wagyu #hamburg #singapore ♬ girls like me don't cry (sped up) - thuy

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