Food Review: Pocha! Korean Street Dining at Northpoint City #B1-181 South Wing, Singapore 768019

Pocha! Korean Street Dining has been around Singapore for a while now, with 3 outlets dotting the island (Northpoint City, Plaza Sing and JEM). However, it was my first time trying it when I was invited to sample their revamped menu with the latest "Super Stars" made up of new dishes inspired by K-dramas and movies. I'm happy to report that Pocha is a wallet-friendly and delicious option for Korean food classics if you ever crave Korean food. Who isn't, when you see the characters in K-drama, reality TV and movies slurping up some ramyeon or jiggae??

We first started by choosing our drinks - there was 8 pouch drinks by Jardin Cafe to choose from, alongside alcoholic beverages like soju and beer (because it is a pocha and drinking is a big part of their culture!). Since it was lunch time, we opted for the non-boozy drinks. By the way, diners having the K Lunch Set or Duo Set can top up $1 to get a pouch drink of their choice (U.P $3.90) which is such a good deal.

We got the Iced Peach Tea and Lemonade, which actually tasted quite similar in the base note of being tart and wasn't overly sweet.

We also tried the Iced Americano and Hazelnut pouch drinks later after realising it was also available.  They were sweet too (was expected the Americano to be "kosong"), so they became a very decent after-dinner dessert. The coffee taste in the Iced Americano was barely a hint because that's Korean coffee for you! I think my favourite amongst the 4 was the Americano because of the hint of coffee and sweet taste.

Here are the Super Stars in the extensive menu (they have super affordable lunch sets and couple sets too). I appreciated the icons for some showing where the dish originated, such as the Creamy Shin Ramyeon (S$12.90) 

Credit: Pocha! Singapore

We got 2 mains and 2 sides to try from the Super Stars menu. First up, the Potato Corndog (S$7.90) which has a sausage at the bottom, while the top's stuffed with mozzarella cheese. TBH this was probably the least outstanding of the dishes we tried. Just tasted like a corndog... 3/5

Here's the mozzarella cheese inside. I guess it would be better if the mozzarella's hot and stretchy! The sauces and the carby outer layer did taste very legit, but I think you can pick something else if you want a snack.

Such as this Korean Fried Chicken, or Krispy Chunks with Fried Tteok (S$11.90) in soy garlic flavour! Sorry about the pic quality, it was a screenshot of a video because I forgot to take pics of it. The chicken was really delicious though - not super dry and coated with flavourful soy garlic sauce that was much needed when I was having the spicy army stew! The only feedback was the fried rice cake chunks were kinda tough and not very saucy so they can be ignored. 4/5

For mains, I had the very affordably priced budae jjigae (S$14.90). Yes even though an army stew is made up of "cheap" wartime ingredients like luncheon meat, baked beans and instant noodles, it is not uncommon for Korean restaurants to charge a premium for it when it comes as a sharing set. This was spicy, flavourful, packed with generous amounts of ingredients and the perfect dish on a rainy day. It also comes with a bowl of white Korean rice. I would 100% recommend this if you are good with spice! 4.5/5

Look at the amount of ingredients in there. There's fish cake, baked beans, tofu, luncheon meat, lots of cabbage, and beef slices. You can also opt for pork in your budae jjigae.

My bestie had the Creamy Shin Ramyeon (S$12.90), which also came with 2 big slices of luncheon meat, a whole boiled egg, seaweed and onion chunks in the Shin ramyeon soup that is tampered with cream, which made it not spicy (at all?) and very satisfying. However, we both agreed that this won't be that easy for a solo diner to have because after a while the cream gets slightly gerlak, or too much. So it might be good to share this, and get another dish or side dish! 3.5/5

Overall, Pocha! Singapore offers a great option for affordable and authentic Korean dishes that will definitely satisfy your cravings and hunger. Shout out to the friendly service staff as well. I'll highly recommend you to check them out next time you want to have Korean food, and get the budae jjigae!

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Pocha! Korean Street Dining (Northpoint City)
Northpoint City South Wing #B1-181, Singapore 768019
Daily 11.30am to 10pm
Walk-ins ok, visit their website for menu and contact no.

Thanks to Pocha! Singapore and SG Happens for the invite!

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