Restaurant Review: Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House at 22 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069257

So this review's a long time coming since I visit the place in March this year, but I still felt compelled to put in down, since Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House (not to be confused with Luke's Lobster, 2 different owners) has been on my go-to list for the longest time. And when a few friends from out of town came to visit, we collectively decided maybe to just go and have a bit of a treat. Because it was definitely a "special occasions" type of place with the type of prices and food served.

Here's the menu as of March 2023 - as you can see, pretty simple, but also very American or European (to me). Like a place you would find in New York or Paris. 

We started with some complimentary (?) i think corn muffins? and ordered some red wine. This reminded me a bit of Kenny Rogers. They were tasty. 

A friend got the steak with lobster tail on top. As you can see, the photo speaks for itself. I was told this was extremely satisfying. Personally I don't think I could stomach red meat at this level at my current age. 

Another friend got the beef tartare (S$54), which was also delicately minced and served with some bread. 

We also got some french fries (S$22) to share. They were really addictive because of the old boy seasoning and a must-have I think!

Especially when I was having the Luke's Blue Label Burger (S$44). 

The burger needs to be deconstructed, since i don't really like raw onion. The beef patty was deliciously seasoned and tender, and I appreciate the hearty use of ingredients! The house made bun was also just the right complement to the juicy beef.

We were also given a chocolate chip cookie on the house, which was so sinfully good that we couldn't help picking at it. Luckily there was 4 of us to split the sugar intake.

Overall, I'd say Luke's Oyster Bar and Chop House is a really above average place to grab some classic steak, burger or seafood, since the service and ambiance all promises the steakhouse experience one is looking for. But one also needs to be willing to splurge. I am a bit on the fence as to whether it is really worth it (to me).

🙅 Thank you, next 

🤷 Try if rich ✔️

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Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House

22 Gemmill Lane, Singapore

Mondays to Wednesdays 12-3pm, 5-11pm

Thursdays to Sundays 12pm to 11pm or 11.30pm


(seems like they have a new Clubroom opened at the annex of the dimly lit restaurant.)

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