Product Review: Aura Blender for smoothies on the go!

I received an email asking if I would be interested to receive do an Aura Blender review, and being the tech/gadget fan who is also into healthy eating that I am, I had to say yes! Apparently Aura is Singapore's leading portable blender brand and the most powerful. Well, it definitely did stand out when it arrived in this black packaging with the font, looking very unlike a package containing a blender! 

Here's the Aura portable blender (sale price S$67.90!) in a sleek cool box. I was surprised by the weight of it but upon opening I realised that the bottle was made of borosilicate glass, hence the heft. Glass is heavier but it means you can also use it to blend hot ingredients like soup. Other than the blender, I was also given the Aura insulated sleeve (sold separately, S$19.90 sale price) that allows one to bring the bottle around conveniently! I can see why gym bros and gals would appreciate this. 

The blender was packed securely in the box and this is what you get in it - a blender motor base with a borosilicate glass bottle (480ml) above, and a screw top lid that has this super pretty jewel etched cover and a handle, as well as a USB cable to charge the blender and an extra screw lid to replace the motor base to carry it out just as a normal bottle.

I am a fan of its thoughtful design all around. It makes the blender so much more portable to use in the house/kitchen and also you could bring it out and blend stuff on the spot. Imagine using this for chillis and garlic at a BBQ!

After reading the quick instructions, I loaded it up with some milk, dragonfruit with that lovely pink colour and ice cubes. It can go up to 80% full. Then I held onto the button for 2 seconds to turn it on, and off it went. Apparently the Aura blender uses this AuraVortex™ blend tech which pulverises what's inside at 25,000 RPM, which means a whopping 417 times per second 😳

Here it is blending away. The sound was not too loud as well compared to traditional blenders. In just a few seconds there was no more fruit chunks and all the ice had been blended into tiny bits. Very impressive. Clean up was a breeze too - I just rinsed the bottle with the blender attached (without having water touch the outside or button) and then blitzed it a few times with tap water and dish soap to get the rest of the bits out. 

Here it is with the motor replaced by the lid and it is ready to be carried around! 

Here's how the Aura insulated sleeve looks with the bottle tucked in. It can accommodate the entire thing with the motor base or just the replacement lid, and the sleeve is actually waterproof and will keep the temperature of whatever inside hot/cold! Pretty nifty.

You can see the pattern on the interior of the sleeve helping to keep its contents warm. 

In case you're wondering why Aura and not the other portable blenders, here's a comparison of Aura blender vis other types of blenders (which I have tried before unfortunately). While the removable base design is not unique, the blending speed and temperature range (because of the glass bottle) is, I think. 

Credit: Aura

Overall, the Aura blender is a wonderful lifestyle gadget to make smoothies and shakes a blitz and I enjoyed using it. I'd recommend anyone who is looking for a portable blender to check out Aura.

Thanks Aura for sending me the products for review!

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