Food Review: Big Moustache BBQ at 70 Lor 25A Geylang, Singapore 388255

So I realised that even though my TikTok of this blew up, I did not blog about it, so here it is! I was invited by my friends to dine with them at Big Moustache BBQ, a Chinese skewer place, at Geylang by a bunch of chef foodies, and I thought it was some "hidden" place but turns out it is very popular and people will start queuing up from 6pm if you don't get there before 5pm on any day, not just the weekends. So that's what we did and we sat outside (which I think is a good idea due to all the food smells). 

Here's the order chit. Everything is in Chinese unfortunately, so you need to go with the locals!

There's also a huge book menu with photos though filled with Chinese AND English. Of course their skewers are the highlight, so do order them! Prices are decent, though not that cheap if one were to order a mix of other dishes.

There's one page for dessert, which are all quite fried.

On to what we ordered! There's 6 of us including a few burly men, so we had quite a lot of food, which is good because then I get to tell you what's good! This eggplant garlic dish for example, was really great as an appetiser.

And of course we had to get an assortment of skewers, which are doused with cumin. But that's not to hide their freshness, it was to enhance it. The meat quality was good itself!

We also had a tray of grilled enoki mushrooms, which was alright only. Kinda soggy.

We also had some wood ear mushroom (fungus) salad as well. Crunchy and refreshing! Note how the Chinese cuisine does incorporate veggies but its always flavoured with garlic.

And someone got skewered bread, which I thought was super interesting. As a carb accompaniment they did the job, but I wouldn't get it myself personally.

There's also some cold cut beef tongue/sausage (not sure what it is now) dish which was alright. Again, not my favourite because I think its quite salty and didn't really add to the meal.

The dongpo rou, or braised pork, was really good however! This will go so well with some rice, and if you are there, this is a must-order.

So are their chicken wings. If there is ONE skewer dish you have to order, its these. So addictive with the perfectly grilled skin and juicy tender chicken inside. The marinate is just some simple soy sauce I think, not the sweet type like the Singapore hawker centres.

We also had some classic tomato egg, which to me is quite a comfort food, and this was as good as it looked.

Then we had this giant pot of mutton soup. I would never order it myself, but I can see why people like it - the soup had depth and the mutton was not that gamey. Instead the flavours mixed very well with the spices used, and it felt super heartening to drink the broth.

There was also some mala noodles, which I had a small portion of since I cannot do mala nowadays. My stomach will tell me how upset it is after. 

The most interesting dish had to be the Toffee Apple (S$12) where soft, sticky maltose sugar was coated on the fried apple slices. And to eat them, you have to dip it in your bowl of water which will cool and harden the maltose and create a crunchy exterior. So creative and fun to eat!

We also had the sweet potato variant. I would recommend the apple version if you have to pick. So good, and it is my first time trying something like this!

Big Moustache BBQ is not something one should have frequently, but it is definitely a must-try, maybe once or twice a year for how unhealthy it could get. Haa but the flavours are as big as the moustache! Go early and chope seats and enjoy the skewers with some Tsingtao beer!

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Big Moustache BBQ
70 Lor 25A Geylang, Singapore 388255
Daily 11am to 3am
Walk-ins only. 

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