1-Michelin Star Review: Lunch at Braci, 52 Boat Quay #05-01, Singapore 049841

I love fine dining. Or dining at Michelin-starred places. Just because there's that extra factor when it comes to service and attention to detail, especially on the food. I guess that's why they are described as fine. So I was super happy to be invited by a good friend to go for their 3-course Executive Set Lunch (S$88++) at Braci, a one-Michelin starred Italian restaurant at Boat Quay. The restaurant's quite intimately set up with a long counter where you can see the many chefs in action.

We started with some snacks, or aperitivo. The cigar thing was absolutely divine!

They were all tiny bites of delight.

Including this mini "taco". Sorry I couldn't remember what it is anymore, I just knew they are super fun to eat and filled with wonderous textures.

The bread, oh my gosh, the bread, was the absolute highlight of the meal. So soft and pillowy inside and the crust made that perfect crackling sound when we bit onto it.

I can't remember but it seemed like we opted for both options for the first course. I also forgot what this was but look at the dish! Isn't it creative?

The pasta dish was tiny but divine. I think this was the 32 Egg Yolk Tagliolini? 

I know I had the Maimoa lamb for mains! Comes with Baby Artichoke, Vermouth Jus and Taggiasche Olives. It was a small but intensely delicious piece of lamb, complemented by the jus.

For dessert, it was some frozen shaving thingy with balls of ..something. Haha. My memory is horrible, sorry! As of Sep 2023, they are serving Lemon Almond Cake, Vanilla Diplomat Cream, Plum Sorbet. I don't know if this was what we had back in March.

We also had some petit fours to complete the meal, which was well-appreciated.

After the long and leisurely lunch we went to their rooftop to have a look. Quite a nice view of the Singapore River - pity it was quite cloudy then (and it poured super heavily after!).

If you're looking to try out Michelin-starred restaurants but don't want to pay too much, I think lunch sets are a great way to sample what they offer! I would recommend Braci's lunch in this case because everything about the lunch was perfect.

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50 Boat Quay, #05-01, Singapore 049841
Daily 12-1.30pm, 6-11pm
Call 6866 1933 or visit their Tablecheck to reserve

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